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    OctogenderIceBadger Ascending to the status of being worshipped as a god isn't easy, even when your abilities are beyond what is described as god-tier.

    To accomplish my dream of being known by everyone on the planet, living or dead, I knew I had to get my name out there, and so I climbed Mt. Everest, training my mind and body for what was to come.

    It was at this time that I was trapped in an avalanche, forced to consume my many-gendered children just to survive!

    Crafting a spade from their bones I thus made my escape, and I was praised by the whole world over for my greatness.

    But this was not enough. I would not rest until... I had become more well-known than anyone or anything ever.

    I had a lot of work to do...

    <<<to be continued>>>
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    OctogenderIceBadger It was a hot winter's day in a flagpole (I believe it was July) when my motherfather split into two and so I was borne.

    Since the time of my birthing, I excelled at anything and everything. I was barely a year old when I discovered cold fusion, and promptly destroyed all evidence of it.

    At five, I discovered the meaning of life, and the true secret of creation. But you don't want to hear about THAT.

    People always said "oh, you're so great and perfect and wonderful".
    Pffh, tell me something I don't know.

    It was on the eve of the 39 and a half thousandth day since my birth when I discovered my greatness should be witnessed by the world.

    And so, the begunning of my adventures had beganned...

    <<< To be continued >>>
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    OctogenderIceBadger The other day I got really turnt up with some of my homies, and now I can't get turnt down!

    Any suggestions would be helpful as I gotta take my badger children to school, and nobody wants to be lit while children are around, ya dig?

    Any help would be appreciated, unless it isn't good, in which case it ain't worth my time.

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    OctogenderIceBadger I wasn't always #1 at everything. There was a time when I only got an A on my Calculus final. That made me a little depressed for a while.
    I mean, if I don't make everyone else look bad by comparison, then what is even the point?

    That all changed when I learned how to breakdance and saved the community center from being demolished.

    I later turned it into a worship center where people would come to sing praises to me and bring offerings of their life savings, which I gladly accepted.

    Now I got my groove back, and my Calculus professor is an igloo.

    Ah... so nice to see justice served.
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