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    matpower I want to write this little piece since this was the dumbest thing that could have happened to my phone.

    Yesterday, during the afternoon, my phone got caught in a bootloop. Apparently the data partition corrupted itself and I couldn't wipe it through TWRP. I thought "Okay, that's fine, but maybe eMMC is about to die", I later found out it was fine during troubleshooting, but that is kinda useless now.

    I made a backup of my internal storage and decided to troubleshoot the issue, I tried to clean the slate through fastboot, but since I didn't remember the exact partitions, I did a "fastboot erase all" and didn't even pay attention to the console text, for me, it was all dandy and it wiped what I expected (Too used to this stuff, you know). Sadly, that didn't solve my issue with the /data partition, Lineage still was caught in a bootloop and I still couldn't wipe /data through TWRP. I then remembered that the stock rom comes with a gpt.bin file that contains the partition table and expected partitions! "That ought to do the trick!", I thought.

    Fast-forwarding to today's morning, I flashed stock and it worked fine! Phone booted and all! Although I was late to college, I quickly reflashed LineageOS with GApps and decided to download some small apps with LTE, as my house doesn't have phone reception most of the time (fucking Claro reeee), I didn't realize the issue, but as I was reaching the bus terminal, I should already have it working, that wasn't the case though. One college <-> Home trip later without anything to do, I went and flashed stock again, wondering if it was a bug on LineageOS, I then went to an area with reception and it still was stuck at "emergency calls only". I decided to google the issue and that led me to check my IMEI, in that instant I realized I fucked up, "IMEI = 0".

    I already tried to follow some tutorials to recover my IMEI using Qualcomm tools, but it was a no go, and I'm going to give Xposed + IMEI Changer a try, if it works, I'm stuck at Marshmallow with a hacky workaround, otherwise this phone is basically as good as a media consumption device with a cracked screen, which is a crappy thing anyway.

    TL;DR: Don't use "fastboot erase all" on Motorola phones, they keep the partition with the IMEI data exposed and unless you have backups, you are screwed.

    As a sidenote, this whole ordeal also killed my SD card with backups, that's how lucky I am.

    And in something completely unrelated, Fate/GO seems to work in a GApps-less phone, that is actually a pretty cool thing if I ever follow my "Avoid Google" plan.

    EDIT: Xposed + IMEI changers were a no go, mostly likely because it doesn't account for dual SIM phones I guess?