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    lcie nimbus Have you ever been blamed and punished for something you didn't do ? trust me, it stings, I was walking home a few days ago, dead tired, minding my own business, when another asshole on the colony demanded I wash down the this point your probably wondering what the hell i'm talking about, so let me explain, i'm a Hutterite, we live together in groups of about 100 people per colony, eat together, work together and all that, at the top are 2 bosses, one controls all the money, while another is the religious leader who metes out punishments for breaking the rules and whatnot.
    so on with the story, as I said, he demanded that I go do his work, washing off the equipment, I politely told him, no, it isn't my job and walked away, at which point he flipped, blasted after me with his car, got out and blindsided me from behind, I was dead-tired and in no shape to fight back, so I backed off, at which point he punched me in the cheek and started screaming swearwords, and generally telling me to wash those f ing tractors, I wont go into the full details, since i'm pretty sure things that obscene are not allowed to be posted on the Temp, but I got fed up and called the colony boss, he immeadiatly backed off, got in his car and drove away, yesterday at church, he was to be questioned and punished for it, but the lying S.O.B spun a tall tale on who I started it by kicking him in the foot ( pretty hard to do with a car door in the way ) told him to F off, and that it was all my fault, and since he was the money boss's brother, they believed him over me, and I got the punishment instead...let me tell you, i'm still mad as hell over it...need to cool off a bit.
    lcie nimbus So, today, in the last hours of gamespot's giveaway ( which is still open for a few hours ) I won a beta code for Raiders of the Broken Planet on Ps4, I'm not gonna use it, but if anyone wants it, leave a reply and PM me, and I might give it to you, or just get your own

    Xbox One :

    Ps4 :
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    lcie nimbus I bet you've never heard of it, but PF, also known as Farmer's lung is a disease that occurs when a person's lungs are continually, over the course of years, exposed to dust and bacteria, which, over time , eats holes in the lungs, uncle has it, he's also my boss, and probably the hardest working man I've met in my life, he loves his work and wants to work until he cant anymore, preferably when old age stops him, but now, at 51 years old, he can't go on.
    He has to wear an oxygen tank at all times, and preforming even the simplest of tasks leaves him out of breath, this is the worst thing, that, in his opinion, could happen to him. Not being able to work is crushing him, and it's hard on me too, I've known him all my life, and seeing him like this is really hard on me, and the worst thing is, there is no way to stop it, it only gets worse over time. His only solution is a lung transplant, but you have to be in critical condition to even be put on a waiting list for one around here, so, no, that isn't going to happen any time has never been fair to my family, with multiple cases of diabetes, cancer, my mom having tumors in her spine, Gramps dying from a heart attack on his way to work, but this is another level of unfairness.
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    lcie nimbus This was one site, besides Gbatemp, that I actually liked, but for the last 5 days, I've been blocked from posting for no reason, see it has this thing called Karma, if someone doesn't like your post, they can Flag it, and it adds 1 Point of Karma to your profile, if your Karma goes to high, you're banned from posting. and I have no idea what I did to piss someone off, but a ton of my posts got flagged, and I can't post anymore, I didn't break any site or forum rules as far as I know, ( hell I didn't even stretch them ) and the Mods don't respond when I Pm'd them. So I don't know what the hell is going on anymore. I actually had a few friends there and i'm getting a ton of notificatons and messages every day from them with no way to reply. AT this point i'm so fed up that I'm just DONE with that site, it and it's stupid Karma system can go rot in hell.
    lcie nimbus Okay, heres the story, Saturday night I ended up staying up REALLY late, 4 am, and Sunday morning it went to church, same as I do every weak, I was tired and just as I was drifting off...I felt something, I can't describe it correctly, but the closest I can get would be to say....dread, this has never happened before, and, no, it's not made up, in that one second, I felt so scared my heart nearly stopped. I don't know what it was, but I never want to feel it again.
    lcie nimbus I f###ing hate my new boss, the S.O.B has been harassing me from day one, and yesterday I finally flipped and got into a fight with him. he's been on my case all week, and today, when the head boss caught one of the workers sawing iron with a wood blade and chewed him out, he started yelling with me that if I did my job properly, none of this would have happened, my temper had been worn thin all week, and I picked up a plastic container of iron cleaner and broke it over his head, he charged me, we slugged it out for a few minutes before he got me in an arm hold and almost dislodged my arm. I was holding a drill in said arm, and when he yanked it back, my finger tightened around the trigger and it went off, ripping his shirt. he backed off after that, and the head boss came over, he separated us into different workplaces. about an hour later I went home after my arm started acting up. and today I cant move it at all. (well a little bit, but it really hurts ) long story short, I hope I never have to see that bastard again.
    lcie nimbus Name : Robert Hofer
    Age : 17
    B-day april 24

    height 6'1

    Sexuality - straight

    religion - hutterite

    piercings - none

    favorite food - chili

    Job - ironworker, carpenter, beekeeper, poultry manager

    Favorite video game - Asura's wrath

    favorite Book - the wheel of time series

    Favorite composer - Daisuke ishiwatari

    Nationality - Canadian

    Birthplace - Alberta, Canada

    Favorite sport - Hockey

    why I joined the temp - The God eater 2 translation

    My best friend here - @Braig

    Coolest guy here - @VinLark

    Reason why I stopped hosting KYG - not enough time.
    and that's about it.
    lcie nimbus Long story short, a LOT of shit happened and my internet acsess got cut off, seeing as i'll be logging into the temp infrequently, I'm looking for someone to take over as the host of KYG till I get this shit sorted out and my life back on track, if interested, and you have some time/dedication, THEN apply.
    lcie nimbus Before I was a member of the Temp I was your average jock (who played video games) I thought that being a gay or les was disgusting . was disturbed by someone being Trans . but now I take a look at myself and find such things no longer bother me , being gay doesn't mean your a freak , neither does being trans . instead I can see I've met some really cool people here who showed me that sexuality isn't really that important to me . these 2 Tempers completely made me change my view on people . @Crystal the Glaceon , @DinohScene (stop posting topless pics plz??). so I want to thank them . and not only them, the temp has a far friendlier community than anything I've encountered in my whole life . so what do you think ? is this a common thing here ? or am I just the 1 in a million ? either way , becoming a member of the temp has made me a far better person than I was before .
    lcie nimbus So when I was 6 years old I "borrowed" a copy of pokemon blue from my uncle , I had no idea what it was only that it looked cool . I started playing and 2 minutes later I was hooked . over the years I played the pokemon games on and off , not knowing that I was playing an rpg (I had no clue what it was) . at 12 I went through "that" streak as a typical COD fanboy . but one day , completely bored out of my mind by shooters , I downloaded a demo for Dissidia Final Fantasy from the sony psp store ......And I played the CRAP out of it . and into the world of rpgs I went . a few years (and lots of dollars) later I noticed a video of final fantasy type-0 being played in English on a psp . I though it looked cool and wanted to buy it , but quickly learned it was only in Japanese . I also tried downloading God Eater Burst for my psp but only came up with dozens of virus files on my dad's Pc . needless to say I turned my back on downloading games for good (or so I thought ) . as a child I loved pokemon silver and always regretted that I'd traded my copy of it (for a game I never received) . so I was obsessed with somehow playing it . after a LOT of trial and error I finally got a working Gba Emulator on my android and a rom of pokemon silver , and it was only the beginning , over a hundred gba roms later , I got a ps1 emulator and started playing ps1 games , once I had exhausted my library for THOSE , it was on to Drastic DS emulator , by now I had seriously reconsidered by viewpoint on downloading psp games , after all I had known as-so-lute-ly nothing about emulators and roms and so on when I first started out , but this time I did my research , after downloading and playing demos from the net , I was determined to get the full games too . after more trial and error I finally found a video on how to install PRO cfw 6.61 on my psp and where I could get the ISOs . the very first game I downloaded was the English patched version of Final fanasy type-0 on my barely big enough sd card , after that it was PLAY TIME !!!!!!

    About a year and a half ago , I learned that a game I loved (God Eater Burst ) had a sequel ....and it was being translated by it's fans , here on gbatemp , after lurking for a while , I decided to join and make a post .. then completly forgot about it . about 4 months ago I stated chatting with some other members in the thread . after that was deleted as spam , I started getting out and into the world of the temp . so 4 months and 500+ posts later here I am . looking back it was a rocky road , constantly being picked on for playing video games , not doing what was "cool" . but I never gave up . so thanks guys !!! merry Christmas.
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    lcie nimbus for those who don't know . I LOVE BLAZBLUE . I loved the story , the characters , the music , everything . but I hate the creator . Mori . why ? because of what he just F***ING DID. I wanted to pick up a copy of Blazblue : Central fiction to see how the story ended . but I just had to go and spoil myself ......and I immediatly wished I hadn't

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    lcie nimbus question 1 how illegal is it to walk on the catwalk of a hockey arena ?
    question 2 should I ditch this guy as my friend

    so heres the story . yesterday I went to the city of red deer on a farm show . while there I ran into a few friend I haven't seen in close to a year . we hung out , I got suckered into buying lunch and so on . so we were having a good time goofing off and every thing when we wandered into the arena (part of the farm show is held there . the first thing he wanted to do was get into the stands (its allowed ) the next thing however was to start checking all the doors at the top that lead into the camera rooms and to the catwalk. all of em were locked so I thought he wouldd give up . but no when we got to the last one the catwalk was outside the door . I knew this wasn't going to be a good idea so I tried to discourage him but he wouldn't listen . so I gave up and we climbed up (to be fair I went along to keep him out of trouble) . we crossed from one side to the other and go down . and in the meantime someone had seen us a alerted security well they obviously started checking the stands . lucky for us there were a bunch of guys who were dressed like us sitting at the other side of the rink right next to one of the doors . we got out of there not all that concerned but when we went up the other side to talk to some guys . we saw the guards coming out of the doors in the back and start questioning people about who was up there .(believe me they sounded really pissed off) I turned around .walked SLOWLY down the stairs ,then when I was out of sight I bolted . grabbed the idiot , who didn't know what was going on and got the hell out of there .
    after that I'm seriously reconsidering my choice of friends . this may sound a bit harsh but here why

    Reasons to keep being his friend
    he a good DJ
    hes fun to hang out with
    hes been my friend for a long time
    pretty good taste in music and games

    Reasons not to
    Swears like its going out of stlye
    only thing on his mind is porn and skirtchasing
    no respect for others
    Smokes like a chimney
    lots more but I'm not gonna post them

    So whats your opinion on this? do I ditch him or stay a bit longer
    lcie nimbus So I was at a wedding had a few drinks . Beers. Some whiskey . The heavy stuff and before I know it I'm drunk . Then some ass hole comes up to me and offers me a smoke . I refused and he called me a pussy . Right then my already thin nerves snapped . Grabbed the ass hole (who I've known for a long time and never liked )and started pounding away . Don't remember too much after that . Except I came away with scraped shins and knuckles . Then I got the heck out of there before he could get his buddies . After that little incident I've decided to stay away from whiskey for good . Usually I would have just ignored him . But the combo of a bad week and being drunk made me flip.
    On a side note I'm going to America on work for about a week . Time to see what it's like down there ..well I'm still a little buzzed so later:grog::grog:
    lcie nimbus ive recently decided to start contributing to gbatemp . seeing as ive done absolutely nothing useful lately . I decided to help DeoNaught create a few tutorials . I'm going to be working on a few Boss lists/guides for a few psp games ive played . but I'm a bit stumped on ideas . I just started my boss guide for metal gear solid peace walker . while at the same time proofreading a guide in progress for my friend Braig . if you have any psp games you think it would be worthwhile for me to create a boss guide for leave a note in the comments . cheers:grog:

    heres a quick sample . what do you guys think? is it descriptive enough?

    Metal gear solid Peace walker

    boss 1
    Armored vechicle Lav-g
    Weapons -Turret mounted machine gun

    Recommended loadout
    LAW[anti tank rocket]
    Rations {only one you really need equip it right away}
    forest camo{only one you have at this point}

    Straight off , sneak around to the right and hide in the big shed , wait till the armored vehichle passes by and attack the soldiers from behind , don't try headshots their helmets are bullet proof , once you've eliminated all of the soldiers , hide in the shed to avoid being hit by the machine gun . wait till the vehicle deploys the remaining 4 soldiers and kill them , STAY OUT OF THE VEHICLES KILL ZONE . next switch to the LAW . start taking potshots at the big red fuel tanks on the back of the Lav-g , they can be a bit hard to hit as it doenst stop moving . if you run out of ammo there is some laying on the ground . once the its health is down enough and all the soldiers are gone . the commander will appear . feed him a rocket to the face for an easy kill . you have now beaten the first boss and acquired an Lav-g . which can be deployed in outer ops later on
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    lcie nimbus Hi everyone this is my first blog entry so if I'm not the best forgive me.

    alright onto the subject . the one thing I love about gbatemp is that it doesnt appear to be populated by the sort of people I absolutely hate . you probably know a few of em if you been around the net , the sort of person who doesn't know what they are talking about , refuses to listen to reason , thinks their opinion is the right one , and will NOT believe otherwise . ive met quite a few of these people , they are everywhere . almost every site where people debate on their favorite characters , games , music and so on . there is always bound to be a few of these people around . maybe the worst case ive seen is the DBZ and the Naruto fanboys on comicvine . comicvine is a great site . where people debate on battle between there favorite characters , but almost every thread about dbz or Naruto always has friggin fanboys . who will not listen to the facts , blatently ignore others posts and only think that they are correct . and not just comic vine many internet sites have the same problems . hell I saw a debate between blazblue and strret fighter on reddit ruin by one asshole , who barged in and insisted that guilty gear was better than both and woulndt leave . people like this really PISS ME OFF . sorry for the rant but I had to get that out of my system . good day and thanks to all the people of gbatemp who are not like those assholes .cheers