Echos in the hollow chamber of life
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    jt_1258 ehh, well, 12:29 at night, can't fall asleep so...hows all yalls night been
    jt_1258 For the most part my dreams tend to just be pretty....trippy I guess you could say of just realy bazaar versions of places I've been before or just completely random places and it tends to just be something I want to happen. Totally not obsessive to have a dream about finally finding one in stock and having a switch XD. Though on the scary side of things I did wake up from a nightmare of being trapped under some surface like ice and couldn't breath and woke up thrashing and gasping for air. Just a little terrifying o.o
    jt_1258 I wonder what it is that gets others through day by day. Life seems so empty to me. It feels like there's no point in life, death, or anything in between. What is it you all live for that allows you to enjoy life...

    If you think I'm contemplating suicide get it out of your head! It is not an option!
    jt_1258 I feel like I'm overdoing it a bit sometimes because I can go to the new content section and see my name as the last message for at least 3 to 4 threads at a time when I'm online. I'm not sure if I'm contributing well enough for so many posts as it might be fairly useless what I'm posting. I'm looking for an opinion that isn't mine because I try to figure out what people are thinking of me but I tend to be wrong...