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  1. In real life. (mini rant) People tend to be so unknowingly impatient that when they are having conversation, they tend to speak just when the other person is talking mid-way, and mid-way meaning just after a few words are spoken. And since the world is made up of 80-90% ignorant people, no one...
  2. BLAAAWWG. MAI BLAAAWG. [IMG] ...blawg... ;^;
  3. [IMG] Credits to AlanJohn who posted it in the shoutbox.
  4. Here's my holy 3DS game collection: [ATTACH] And the holy 3DS camera :P
  5. lol
  6. [ATTACH] Yay! I got 2 new games today and I'm really satisfied. I really like the amazing spider man. It's really fun and nice. As well as NSMB 2. You feel like getting every single coin. It makes you feel greedy :tpi: lol
  7. A pretty awesome game if you ask me! [media]
  8. I created a trailer for a flash character I'm working on. Enjoy :D