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    Jacklack3 So I went to a video game store to look for Super Mario Advance 4, I then looked around. I saw the "Supaboy" and I asked the cashier if I can see it, we then started talking about it for a bit, then I said it would be cool to have Super Mario All-Stars + Super Mario World on it, then we talked about why Super Mario Bros 2 Japan was only in Japan, he said that it was a good thing some young people know about old video games and he actually let me play on his switch for a minute. It was pokken tournament so I had no idea what I was doing but it was fun to play on the Switch. Then I got to play on the virtual boy too.

    So that was neat. :D
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    Jacklack3 When I was in grade 3 I used to make CYOA books, I made them at school and printed them off their as well, sadly their gone as I don't think I brought them home (I believe either I lost them or the teacher took them). However I do remember how I would make them.

    I also love Android FOSS games, you know the type where they're like less than half a megabyte yet they can be so addicting?

    Well I combined my love for small tiny games and my love for CYOA to make a system to play CYOA games in one text file.
    • All you need is a text file reader.
    • Easy to play.
    • Really small in file size (for a basic game).
    • Can be easily understood to make your own CYOA games.
    I made an example CYOA game that you can get. The download links are below.
    :download: Catbox
    :download: Discord
    :download: (or read on) Mixtape

    You might ask why i'm making kind of a big deal out of this, well I hope that other people make their own, or convert CYOA games this way because I think it's a really easy and simple way of playing them. You could play in on your computer, your phone or even a blackberry (I think they can read text files) and to save you just remember the number you're on.

    Hope to see people make CYOA games like this because I probably will. (btw it took me like 10-20 minutes to make the example.)
    Jacklack3 guys im straight waoeh soo funni u no how evryone sai theyrr gai? wel i am strght such greet twistt noone evr done befor
    i am straight if you needed to know
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    Jacklack3 why cant spacesuits be made out of trees? doesnt trees give you air?
    Jacklack3 bees can recognize faces
    Jacklack3 i rly n3d 2 no
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    Jacklack3 Here I am, I just discovered a meme that was dead 3 years ago that I think is funny. I go to GBAtemp and see people talking about some dsi exploit leak...
    first unbanmii and now this?

    Why do I keep missing out on stuff like this? And of course i'll try to come up with some explanation for myself but then I find the actual one and it's way different, and of course it's when the stuff is over.

    So what is this dsi exploit leak about? (No need for a TL;DR version btw)
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    Jacklack3 I made some comics, hope you like em'! :D

    2017-07-05 9-15pm.png 2017-07-05 9-23pm.png 2017-07-05 9-32pm.png
    Jacklack3 idk lol
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    Summer Goals

    1. Dance
    2. Dance some more
    3. Dance a bit more
    5. Dance too much
    4. Use to machine to go after 5
    Six. 8008135
    8. Make 9 true.
    9. Make 8 false
    1. too lazy for double digits
    1. crap idk what to put for 11 then.
    12. fine i guess
    20. Time travel
    14. Use too much lennys
    15. read the rules of the internet
    16. 83 7337 5UCK3R5
    17. must be
    18. or older to watch to movie
    19. develop a better time machine
    21. make a clone
    21. be a clone
    22. i
    23. d
    24. k
    25. hopefully someone thinks this is cooler
    26. than the ones that go like
    27. lol penis and memes is dreams lolxd
    28. what's 1 + 1?
    29. (text from 22, 23 and 24)
    30. should i end this now?
    31. i'm not sure really
    32. maybe i'll stop at 35
    33. so uh, it's been cool seeing you read this
    34. hope you have a great day and so
    25. bai​
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    Jacklack3 I think everyone know's this is fake, but I just want to prove how fake they really are.

    Project Omnibreak is supposed to be a global exploit found in all modern consoles, this is extremely dumb.

    1. Their website
    Taking a look at their website, http://www.projectomnibreak.us/ we can already tell this is stupid and useless. First off, they don't even know how to use the link tag. It's really simple, <a href="link">click here</a> boom done, did that in 5 seconds.

    2. Their "superb" python file.
    First of all consoles don't even run python, they usually use something like C or C++ or C@#$^ you know?

    Now taking a look at the python file we get this...
    wew man you got me

    with that kind of code i'm surprised you're not working for wikileaks

    but really this is fake code, they didn't even try to make it wait when it says downloading.

    3. GBAtemp profile
    For some reason they thought making a gbatemp profile was a good idea. But I believe the first time they showed this it was a different profile, meaning that they actually broke a gbatemp rule by having two accounts.

    4. Age
    Looking at their website it seems that they are in school, meaning they are still in high-school or something below that. Meaning that for their age, they must be really talented hackers to be a high-schooler hacking 4 consoles with one hack. They can do that but they can't make a even decent website? Geocities looks better then that.

    5. Conclusion
    Now I think everyone knows these guy's are fake, I only made this so that way @ProjectOmnibreak reads this and goes "nu we wall succs33d lol".

    Anyways thanks for reading.
    Jacklack3 Now this isn't really an experiment but more of just a "i'm bored" thing.

    Basically I gotten into DOS a bit recently and installed Windows 3.1 and some stuff onto it. I then decided "Hmm, what if for one whole day I only used DOS?".

    Now I am using the latest version of DOSBOX.

    One thing I will say though is that I will allow myself to watch videos on my tablet. Because i'd just be too bored heh.

    Today i'm getting stuff ready by adding stuff.

    Now do you guy's know any games that are platformers and have a level editor? I tried The Pack Rat but I can't find a non-shareware version of it.

    Anyways, I'll let you guy's know when I do it and I will post again after I do it.
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    Jacklack3 none of your fucking business
    Jacklack3 (I post the blog post unfinished by mistake soo...)

    Here's a random blog post. I don't know why i'm making this, probably because i'm bored.

    Well one thing I do have to say is i'm curious, you guy's know that NTR corruption plugin? What would happen if you used that on Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS? I'm too lazy to find out.

    You guy's know Vinesauce? Well Vinny did an Super Mario Bros Randomized and I saw it makes new levels so I was like "YUUUUS" and downloaded it. I made 3 random roms and played through them all, I even have a webpage where you can download them. (except their in their rom form so i'll have to convert them into ips if i wanna post it here.)

    Anyways SMM3DS is pretty fun, my Wii U Gamepad's Left Joystick broke making it so when I go left it also goes up so SMM3DS will do. I do hope that it will be possible to export your courses online whenever it's via offically or with homebrew. We have SmileBASIC File Manager and we're already making progress with OCDM so we shouldn't have to wait long.

    Welp I g2g, cya.