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    Eix whenever I finish drawing something im gonna put it here instead of just on discord
    whenever I finish something im gonna edit it into here

    I was siting in my history class and we were doing nothing
    so I took out a pencil and started to finish up this one and make the hair a little darker
    this one is Eix
    and Eix was my first OC and I had never gotten around to drawing him
    so last Thursday? I started to draw him
    and I think I did ok-ish
    Eix (shading)
    Eix (no shading)

    yesterday I was playing isz and killing off the ppl who use ntr to get unlimited ammo durability and health then the wifi died so I wasn't able to peace keep anymore and I got really bored
    I asked @ctrninja what I should draw and they saod Sagiri
    so I drew a quick sketch of Sagiri and im currently adding color and crap to her
    Sagiri sketch

    last Friday my friend didn't belive I could draw so I said I would draw anything he wanted
    he just said to draw a furry
    so I decided to draw a cat girl
    and a few months ago I made (I have too many) another OC
    she's a cat girl named Wolf
    so I multitasked and drew Wolf while proving I could draw
    she's probably the best picture I've drawn even though she's supposed to have brown hair
    and she would if I didn't loose my brown pencil :/
    Wolf (color)
    Wolf (no color)

    and I don't remember when I did this one but I know it was recent
    its Megumin without her hat staff or eyepatch
    mostly because its rare for her to not have them and her hat is a pain to draw
    also rip McDonald's pen
    it ran out of ink when I finished

    I think I got the right images but my phone is stupid and can't display them in the browser
    if they are for some reason hentai and you report it please rate my taste in hentai before you report :P
    there was also a dog sketch that I did but that one is so shitty that I regretted drawing it once I finished
    Eix so with the academy im in I can get a free 10 day trip to japan over summer break
    I want to go
    but I can't bring my lizards
    and my family is shit at feeding my lizards
    so im trying to decide

    goto Japan for free (leaving America for 10 days at the cost of my lizards health)
    or stay here in Florida (keep my lizards healthy at tge cost of a free trip to Japan)

    should I hope my lizards live or should I make sure they live?
    Eix i was playing xenodrifter just now and i have 4 bosses down
    i find boss #5 (everything past 3 feels like bullshit acid use) and im at 1 health cuz i suck at the game
    so i sit and farm health off the useless enemys outside the boss room and this annoying girl that i hate walks over to me

    girl: diuud eyou catch anopfer poke ee mooun?
    me: no im not playing pokemon
    girl: izz ut a squartill? eui like squrtell
    me: please stop talking, im not playing pokemon
    girl: izsh it a balsuar? whuut poke aee mun doo yoeu play?
    me: im not playing pokemon.
    girl: shtop being meean! thaghts no whay ta treep auu garl!
    *girl starts punching my back*
    *i end up lossing the fight cuz she punches my arm and it moves my hand off my 3ds*
    girl: egh hate eyu ash pole!
    *girl runs off to get a teacher*
    *girl tell teacher that i slaped her, threw her phone on the ground, then called her a worthless bitch*
    *i get in trouble for 3 things i never did*

    even though i have autisim i seriously hate people who are lower functioning than me
    they can do whatever they want without any problems but if i ever want to do stuff without problems i have to spend time planning crap then attempt to make stuff go into an area where i have perfect excuses for
    but this girl can do whatever she wants wherever she wants :/
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    Eix was gonna write this yesterday but a guy with th US flag painted on his truck just made me remember

    when people do the pledge I talk quieter and say this

    I pledge allegiance to the flag
    of the somewhat united states of America
    and to the republic for which it stands
    one nation of idiots, under a supernatural idiot
    with liberty and justice only for the rich

    im very patriotic XD
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    Eix *sits down to watch local news*

    couple drown in car
    1 man 2 teens shot and killed on highway
    molten sulphur spill
    couple dies from tire blowout
    man robs burger king and steals car
    $900 puppy stolen
    several animals saved from a filthy home
    dog left in hotel room dies from maggots in ear
    1 man un hospital from a police chase
    woman raped in park bathroom
    couple murdered
    man robs several gas stations for drug money
    child murdered
    beer prices up
    family murdered in home
    cameras found in some smoke detectors

    I LOVE florida
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    Eix I don't have alot of time so im just gonna bullet point crap



    very little user privs
    pictures use alot of space
    notifications cover part of the screen
    lock screen is crap
    no room for customizing without jailbreak
    kinda battery heavy
    too much stuff needs location services


    ios devices lack things like a back button or a menu button
    very easy to dammage
    can't switch batteries otg
    new stuff has no aux port
    you can't use external storage listen to music or charge at the same time
    you need adapters for everything

    there's more but I would need to pick apart ios again not just look at stuff that's simple



    autoruns exe files
    no autorun config
    hates daulbooting
    uses a crap fs
    updates tske FOREVER
    needs a license key
    is on everything but I don't want to pay an extra $100 just for replacement parts for my laptop cuz of a preinstalled os
    hell to build stuff using
    cannot mount partitions with invalid sizes
    no ext4 fs support
    creates hudden files in every directory that we don't need
    have to delete files twice
    slow af
    cpu heavy


    almost every windows device has an intel processer and low internal storage that is expensive to replace nowadays
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    Eix so I just sat down to watch how shitty the world is getting
    and the news mentioned something about north korea
    for the first time in 10 years a north Korean soldier defected
    they drove what looked like a jeep (hard to tell since it was low quality video) and they crashed it into a stump or tree before stumbling out and running across the border
    3 or 4 north Korean soldiers almost immediately were on the scene and open fired on the defector
    2 south Korean soldiers then dragged the wounded north soldier to safety and the soldier is reported to of survived
    the news refered to them as he so im assuming that the defector is male
    this also violated treatys that were set after the Korean war because shoys were fired over the dmz and armed soldiers crossed to fire
    from what I could tell from the video atleast 2 north soldiers carried high power automatic weapons because 2 of the laid down on their stomachs before open firing and they shaked alot whilst firing
    I am incredibly happy rn because a north korean was able to defect but im worried that we may be getting closer to more wars hapening on our hellish planet due to those violations
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    Eix my shoes finally gave oit yesterday
    after a full cycle (2.5 years)
    so I got a new pair and they are made fo lazy ppl
    they have fucking sand painted onto the rubber so it looks like you actually do stuff
    even though im lazy im probably going to have more real sand than fake sand on tue rubber before I get home -_-
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    Eix just read the chat
    im too lazy to copypaste it over Screenshot at 2017-11-16 19-35-28.png
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    Eix I was helping someone put metal things infront of a tree and there was a bunch of wasps flying around but I didn't really care until one stung me
    it didnt hurt that much which was dissapointing but it left a white lump with a red dot on my finger so I killed it and its family with a knife
    now im sitting here with a wasp nest that has 27 babies in it and they all look like little aliens XD
    im gona feed them to my lizards when I get home :P
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    Eix I was sitting in my room earlier being sad and doing homework
    Then I stood up and cut my knee on my desk

    It didn't really hurt thamuch which was kinda dissapointing :(
    But now that I'm wearing pants the open cut is pressing against the inside and it burns! :D

    Burns are my favorite type of pain too!
    I'm still sad but this feels so good!

    Also why are you reading this?
    The title says to ignore it so you should've listened
    You should ignore things that say to ignore them so you don't have to read about some random masochistic weeb talk about how he likes burning feelings
    And Megumin is the best girl
    But you already knew that so you only read this so you could read Megumin is the best girl didn't you?
    Also I love auto correct on this phone

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    Eix I was just in my first hour class and we were taking down the schools little weather tower
    I was able to keep some of the equipment that actually worked!
    now I have I nice little light senser and a humidity monitor (im surprised it still works seeing how humind it normally is)
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    Eix i hate when im reading something and . . . . suddenly . . . . all . . . . the . . . . text . . . . goes . . . . like . . . . this . . . . then goes back to normal
    but what i hate even more is when . . . . the text just has random . . . . large spaces for no reason
    sometimes when i read "legaly obtained" books on googleplay it will go like
    blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah . . . . blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah . . . . blah . . . . blah . . . . blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah blah . . . . blah blah blah
    blah . . . . blah . . . . blah . . . . .blah. . . . . blah . . . . blah . . . . blah . . . . blah . . . . blah . . . . blah . . . . blah . . . . blah . . . . blah . . . . blah . . . . bah . . . .blah. . . .blah
    why do people do this?
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    Eix my parents decided to switch from at&t to xfinity (same fucking company) awhile ago
    and the ppl who were sent to setup all the crap setup a new modem
    my parents are idiots and always belive what my older (and significantly stupider) brother says and when I tell them the random cuts in the internet are because of the new modem the don't listen
    just now I was trying to do crap for the colledge classes that I was forced into (im in my 3rd year of highschool and I have autism and adhd so its extremely hard to do this stuff) and the modem reboots and takes 30mins to start working again
    in those 30mins my family came to the conclusion that its my fault and im attacking it so that they have to switch
    and now I have no way to do the shit classes I was forced into
    fuckimg report cards come out on Friday and if I have anything lower than an A then im going to be grounded until the next one comes (ill always have this outdated phone tho)
    currently im failing my classes because the school wifi blocks most of the sites we need to use and it becomes homework
    here the internet dies every 10mins so I cant do my homework but when the internet is not dead half the sites are marked as invalid or untrusted by Comcast and im unable to do half the work
    and for some reason because im now the only person in my house who doesn't use only iphones and "modern" windows laptops (I use a laptop that's falling apart and abunch of old phones) everyone thinks that im hacking their devices and giving them more ads

    I barely get any sleep and I struggle to get any work done for these shitty classes
    im online alot on discord and here because these are so,e of the only things im able to use while waiting to be able to do homework that takes almost all of my time at home and some of the time I spend in other classes

    is anyone else stuck in a situation like this?
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