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    blujay Just saying this because I spENT ALL FUCKING DAY DOING IT. I want to use Linux more often, but as Windows has more support for most things, I will probably be sticking to windows. But this means I can try and develop stuff for Linux when I get the chance to develop.

    Thanks to everybody who helped me out like @Ricken and the rest.
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    So, thanks to @Ryumaru I am finally spreading my wings as a theme developer.

    As of now, I only have one decent theme and that is here:


    That is one I cared about. The other one is a theme I whipped up in about 3 minutes.

    Anyways, I am willing to take requests. My only wish is that you spread the word.

    I will always have a list of themes I have to develop, and I am willing to make as many as time will allow.

    If you want to donate once you see any work I do, I will find a way to get that information to you.

    A little bit about the structure here:

    "Current Project:"
    - This means that I am currently spending my time developing the theme listed under here. If there is no theme, it means that I am busy with other things or no one has requested a theme! Please make sure I always have stuff in my queue.

    "Waiting List:"
    - This means that these themes are next in queue. The newest request(s) get(s) added to the end of the list. It is a first-come-first-serve ordeal here.

    "Finished List:"
    - Theme requests that I have finished and are no longer being worked on.

    "Back Burner:"
    - Theme requests that I take a break from because my brain is in a loop. Don't worry, this theme won't be forgotten. It is resumed in two scenarios: either I finish the next theme in queue, or it is swapped with another theme (there can only be one pot on a back burner ;) ).

    Current Project:
    Skiddo - @Dionicio3

    Waiting List:
    Finished List:
    If I have questions about your theme I will DM you, so make sure you are attentive. If I can't get an answer within 3 days the project goes on hold

    Back Burner:
    Ace Attorney - @Jacklack3
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    blujay A few months ago I purchased a N3ds (regular size). I have been loving it ever since, but (there always has to be a but doesn't there...) I am paranoid. It really bothers me that something stupid might happen. For example, I might install the wrong NAND (done it before) or just do something so outrageously stupid that my N3ds just dies. I have been considering doing it myself (because I like soldering) and maybe even turning a business into it. I am just wondering that to those of you who have hardmods, was it worth it.