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    blujay I just felt like saying this because there are a lot of discussions about best console, best game, who won E3, etc. Well, I'm putting this here to announce my opinion, although a lot won't care.

    EA: Didn't have to watch it, I knew it would suck from the get go (Can't really vote because I don't know if I was wrong, but I'd say (based on what I heard) around a 3/10)
    Microsoft: New console is cool, the went hardcore on Specs and exclusives, which was smart (7/10)
    Bethesda: Never heard of 'em before E3 (because I really didn't pay attention) but damn was there presentation good. I can't even list a favorite game. VR looks good too! And console mod support! (8.5/10)
    Sony: I didn't watch the whole thing, but MHW and a few other games made me rethink my decision on not buying a PS4 yet (8/10)
    Nintendo: The beginning was great. Automatically announcing Rocket League was great because I've been wanting it for a long time. Then, the new Pokemon game got me really excited. AND FUCKING METROID PRIME 4 MAKES ME WANT TO GO INTO A COMA UNTIL RELEASE! I can't even describe accurately how excited I am for MP4. Mario Odyssey gameplay looks fabulous. A little disappointed no Smash, but after MP4 I didn't really care. (9/10)

    Bethesda and Nintendo were the only two presentations I was able to watch fully out of sheer interest. The rest bored me.


    EDIT: I forgot Ubisoft! Their games looked pretty cool (came in like Halfway through) and BGE:2 looks good. (7/10)
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    blujay I thought I would put this out there for those on the fence about the subject.

    This will probably seem like an ad but whatever!

    My reasons (in no particular order):
    • The Staff work very hard to make this a fabulous community. I haven't stayed in any other community as long as I have GBAtemp. I appreciate all the work that the staff does and they deserve (more?) money! All of them have full-time jobs but still moderate/report to the Temp with news, new styles, and more!
    • You get to add to GBAtemp's bounty! Summarizing from the post on their Patreon: 4 times a year (so each trimester), GBATemp will vote on the best thing created on the temp in the past 3 months. The winner receives a special medal and also support from the Patreon backers (I'm assuming this is money :P). This is great because you can help support and inspire new creators! (This counts for all things, not just homebrew. It counts for stuff like CFW, tutorials, translations, ROM Hacks, etc.). You also get to vote on it!
    • You can win stuff! I mean, this is great because simply going for $2+/m you can win stuff like games, accessories, and possibly game consoles (depending on how generous the temp is).
    • Ad-free for $5+/m. That's not much for ad-free viewing! (this one is controversial so if you disagree please try and keep it civil)
    • Beta-testing styles! Need I say more? ($10+/m)

    Most of this was taken from Patreon, but a lot of it is great motives!

    Sorry if this sounded like an ad, but I really do appreciate the temp, and if you do that should be motive enough!
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    blujay Hello everybody, as some of you might know, I was the developer of Button Test, which was simply a demo of homebrew for me.

    I got a lot more support in that thread than I ever expected, including features I should add. I planned on adding all of them, but felt that it wasn't right to make a hardware test tool out of "A Simple Button Testing Application".

    So, that is why I am here. Since this will be my first useful homebrew, I am writing here to prevent me from leaving it behind.

    Button test took a whopping 15 minutes to write (in its original state), but I focused to much on graphics for "A Simple Button Testing Application"

    So far, there isn't much progress to report (besides getting the name of Hardmode) and a general idea of features.
    To do:
    If there is anything I didn't add to the list, please let me know so I can count on it!
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    blujay Recently, I was just employed (thank heavens) by my uncle and his team. I am currently living with my brother and sister-in-law, and within the next few weeks will be gathering some excess money. A lot of this will go towards fun stuff (maybe like some new games, a PS4, or something a long the lines gaming related). It will probably be around 600 USD

    I've been tossing on a few ideas on what to get. Here are some ideas I have:
    • Disgaea 5 Complete (Switch) 60 USD
    • Nintendo Switch Pro Controller (Splatoon 2 Edition) 70 USD
    • PS4 (Probably would go after the gold, 1 TB edition from Sony) 250 USD
    • Wait for E3 and pre-order some games revealed (if any)

    I know that probably half of my money will go to streamers (not because I like wasting my money, but because they spend precious time streaming for the community [Hedgeberg] or just for fun).

    If you guys have any suggestions, please leave them below! Thanks.

    EDIT: Before I see any comments about using it for school or for moving out, my Bro/Sis-in-law say as long as I pay rent and am not too much of a nuisance, they don't mind me staying at their place until I finish school. That leaves me in a good position because my job with my uncle goes to School and rent.
    blujay Sorry for removing it, but there was some confusion as to whether I was really the person in the picture, so I just deleted it

    I don't know why, I am just getting excited about this picture I found while looking through some old files.

    Anyways, carry on
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    blujay Hopefully this doesn't turn into a wall of text, but I would just like to explain myself if I have come across impatient, angry, sexist, racist, homophobic, or shown too many opinions in the last few weeks.

    A few weeks ago, my old workplace started "letting" (a little more forcing) us stay at work for an extra few hours to rack up some overtime. However, instead of letting us do our jobs, we sat in a room while they went around and questioned some people. This turned into a case where somebody was stealing. I do not know what it was, but they didn't want to get the cops involved and I don't know if they ever did. This turned into a huge mess.

    Eventually, they let us go home like usual. I thought all was well, I went to work, came home and messed around with my dog/computer. Then, on Thursday, I was let go. They let my entire group go. Granted we were just janitors but still, it hurt.

    This had a crippling effect on me because I was receiving discounted education for working at the university. I have enough education now that I could potentially go into a technology based career, but I still need job experience.

    As some of you might now, my parents are deceased, and my dad left his business to his brother. I went to their shop yesterday (well, it is a manufacturing shop). I was interviewed by my uncle's 3 business partners to see if I could get a position. This took 6 hours because I was interview by each one individually, just to make sure I didn't change any information (the business doesn't make a whole lot of money, so they really want to be sure I am correct for the job). I haven't heard back yet, but hopefully I will soon.

    And in the midst of this mess, I decided "What the hell!" so I installed Linux. This has been a great experience, but very troublesome. Yesterday, after my interviews, I spent another 6 hours debugging. It isn't affecting me that much because I love the OS, but it is getting on my nerves. For the time being, everything is working fine.

    Anyways, that is a (probably shitty) explanation of my life.

    Please, try and keep things positive in the replies (if you decide to).

    At least my 3ds didn't get banned.
    blujay Just saying this because I spENT ALL FUCKING DAY DOING IT. I want to use Linux more often, but as Windows has more support for most things, I will probably be sticking to windows. But this means I can try and develop stuff for Linux when I get the chance to develop.

    Thanks to everybody who helped me out like @Ricken and the rest.
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    So, thanks to @Ryumaru I am finally spreading my wings as a theme developer.

    As of now, I only have one decent theme and that is here:


    That is one I cared about. The other one is a theme I whipped up in about 3 minutes.

    Anyways, I am willing to take requests. My only wish is that you spread the word.

    I will always have a list of themes I have to develop, and I am willing to make as many as time will allow.

    If you want to donate once you see any work I do, I will find a way to get that information to you.

    A little bit about the structure here:

    "Current Project:"
    - This means that I am currently spending my time developing the theme listed under here. If there is no theme, it means that I am busy with other things or no one has requested a theme! Please make sure I always have stuff in my queue.

    "Waiting List:"
    - This means that these themes are next in queue. The newest request(s) get(s) added to the end of the list. It is a first-come-first-serve ordeal here.

    "Finished List:"
    - Theme requests that I have finished and are no longer being worked on.

    "Back Burner:"
    - Theme requests that I take a break from because my brain is in a loop. Don't worry, this theme won't be forgotten. It is resumed in two scenarios: either I finish the next theme in queue, or it is swapped with another theme (there can only be one pot on a back burner ;) ).

    Current Project:
    Skiddo - @Dionicio3

    Waiting List:
    Finished List:
    If I have questions about your theme I will DM you, so make sure you are attentive. If I can't get an answer within 3 days the project goes on hold

    Back Burner:
    Ace Attorney - @Jacklack3
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    blujay A few months ago I purchased a N3ds (regular size). I have been loving it ever since, but (there always has to be a but doesn't there...) I am paranoid. It really bothers me that something stupid might happen. For example, I might install the wrong NAND (done it before) or just do something so outrageously stupid that my N3ds just dies. I have been considering doing it myself (because I like soldering) and maybe even turning a business into it. I am just wondering that to those of you who have hardmods, was it worth it.