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Jun 25
Lone Wolf: Caverns of Kalte
NEW NDS Homebrew

The Lone Wolf DS project has received an update with the release of book 3. For more information about the project please check the link below. The developer is looking to compile a Flash Kit compatibility listing. If the homebrew works for you please report what Flash Kit and firmware you are using.

Thanks to Vato via IRC for the news!

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Jun 25
Ni no Kuni: Shiroki Seihai no Joou
PS3 Trailer
Jun 24

Here's a pleasant surprise for fans of the old PC game MDK2- the game is now coming to WiiWare. In addition to that, the game will also be getting some sort of remake entitled "MDK2 HD" for PC's. Here's the official PR-

(June 24th, 2010) — Interplay Entertainment Corp. and Beamdog partner to bring MDK2 to the Nintendo Wii™ and MDK2 HD to the PC.

“It is a great pleasure to announce that we are returning to the adventures of Kurt Hectic, Dr. Hawkins and the 6-legged gun-toting robotic dog Max,” said Hervé Caen, CEO of Interplay. “MDK2 was a great title to work on and we're happy to have some of the original team working on these new versions,” seconded Trent Oster, co-Founder of Beamdog.

MDK2 for Wii™ is expected to be released during coming Winter and is planned for electronic distribution through Nintendo's WiiWare™ service. MDK2 HD will follow on the PC through the Beamdog digital distribution platform. [/p]
Very excited, and i'm glad this old classic is getting new life! I personally spent a huge amount of my childhood playing this gem on PC. It's a fantastic third person shooter originally developed by Bioware and published by Interplay. You may even recall the first MDK back in the mid-90's which was developed by Shiny Entertainment (Earthworm Jim). MDK2 was a shining example of how to make an engaging third person shooter, and featured some diverse gameplay thanks to the three different characters you could play as. I'd probably categorize it as a run and gun third person alien shooter, but it has some platforming and puzzle elements too. You play as three heroes who are trying to thwart an alien attack on earth. It is a direct continuation of the first game. Kurt Hectic is the Doc's janitor, a reluctant hero who is forced to battle alien hostiles on earth. When fitted with the jumpsuit the Doc invented, he has a machine gun, as well as a sniper rifle to pick enemies apart from afar. He can also glide thanks to his retractable parachute in his jumpsuit suit. Max is a badass cigar smoking robotic dog made by Doc Hawkings with 4 arms which he uses to hold 4 guns at once. He can equip a weapon in each individual hand (you can customize the weapon for each hand) and he has a huge arsenal including magnums, shotguns, uzis, gatling guns, etc. He can also use a jetpack in some levels for some cool platforming. Doctor Hawking has the most unique gameplay though. He's a rather silly old mad scientist whose primary form of weaponry is being creative with random everyday household items to create weapons and tools. His levels are more adventure-oriented and sometimes require you to solve unique puzzles, while making creative items from household items or even food. He's quite weak though (being so old I guess), he can't jump nearly as high and his health is much lower than the other two characters.

The game is also hilarious and features some really funny voice acting and cutscenes. It has a really cool comic book style for some of the intro cutscenes. I'm not sure what they plan for the HD PC version (the game could already run at HD resolutions even on weaker PC's), but the WiiWare version is likely to be identical to the original or perhaps the PS2 version (which was subtitled Armageddon). The game worked best with a mouse and keyboard combination, so the motion controls could really make this a fun experience. MDK2 was originally released on Dreamcast, PC, and PS2. It is a classic i can recommend to almost anyone. I'm not even a huge shooter fan, but it has a wide array of gameplay styles. Even people not into action shooters can probably find something they like here! [IMG]
Jun 24

5 years of DS roms- day 4 covering year 4

Time for year 4 of our 5 years of DS roms in 5 days threads. For those just joining us the 16th of June marked the 5 year point since the release of the first DS rom, this week we are counting off the 5 years of DS roms with a day given to each year. Today is year 4 which ran from the 16th of June 2008 round to the 15th of June 2009 which started with Etrian_Odyssey_II_-_Heroes_of_Lagaard_USA_NDS-iND and finished with Lux_Pain_EUR_NDS-BAHAMUT. All in the year saw just over 1650 releases including nukes, patches, tools, trainers and the like.

Year 5
Year 4
Year 3
Year 2
Year 1

Some history

A rough overview of the history of the DS was made for the initial 5 year post but these threads allow us to cover the news of the day in more depth while retaining a measure of readability. Year 4 was another great year for the for the DS scene even though anti piracy was more prevalent and we saw the DSi launched everywhere which blocked all the flash carts at the time (and later troubled them again with the DSi 1.4 update).
April 2008 saw the last official r4 update and while people could still get things done the r4 was no longer the dominant flash cart (although the r4 name was repurposed for many clones and other flash carts). Most makers had released updated devices with SDHC support and later DSi compatible flash carts- this was the big shock for most of the scene and for a while at least culled off the weaker teams.
Whether there was a dominant flash cart is a matter for debate although it was a 5 way shootout between relative newcomers acekard (the acekard 2 had just been released and the acekard RPG had been around for a while), team cyclops with the cyclo DS, the supercard team with the SC DS one, EZFlash with the EZ5 plus and for a time at least the M3 team with the M3 DS real. Similarly flash carts and the memory to go in them were cheaper than they ever were- a complete setup often costing less than a new charted game.

Emulation got to be quite good although no$gba had stopped updating in April 2008. Desmume carried on behind the scenes and saw a massive update in January 2009.

On the other hand while the DSi, updates and antipiracy provided more than enough to keep people busy should you have been following tools you would have had a rather boring year.

The releases

The big news of the year (other than the DSi) was the strengthening of anti piracy methods, the big makers (and AKAIO, especially AKAIO) took it in their stride though and rarely were games unplayable for long. Despite the DSi being available in Japan for most of this year it would be just after our cutoff date for this thread before DSi hybrid games (games that had extra features on the DSi- flash carts then and to this day run in DS mode so even on a DSi you lacked these features) appeared.

As for the releases themselves this was definitely the year (to this date) of shovelware and non-games (self help books, cooking guides, language tutors/dictionaries....) but it did see many great titles released/localised in among all of that.
Flash carts and the like had hit big long before this year arrived and while most reading this were probably around for it there were others that took a step back in all the mayhem- this is largely for them although as always will we try to highlight the best releases around and those that meant something to the scene.

By this point in time many people knew of flash carts and what they could do and indeed far more of those reading would have seen at least some of this year there are still likely to be those who did not see it and those who missed things during it. Anyone can look at the releases lists and we do not want these threads to read like one of those so we will select a few releases of note to us or the scene and then kick it over to you to suggest a few more, we ask you confine yourself to the year we are covering in these threads, the good people over at ABGX do nice text release list with dates.

The games

While we did start out in the middle of summer there were many releases waiting to greet us right off the bat.

The first was mentioned in an earlier post and this game is a sequel, much like any good sequel it took the first entry and polished it. It is still very unforgiving but if you like that sort of thing give it a spin. There are a few dungeon crawlers on the DS but this is among the best.

We have since seen a sequel to it but this is a great cart filler, we figure most people playing games will have at least played a clone of space invaders at some point so no need to describe the gameplay. While it can use the arkanoid paddle it works just as well with the regular controls.
A few new modes and options but at the core of it all is classic space invaders.

Final fantasy tactics and indeed the tactics line of games were fairly well represented on the GBA and while it took a while for it to start happening on the DS. For those new to the genre it revolves around a grid based fighting game with enough rules, strategy and the like to satisfy just about anyone who likes that sort of thing. This one leans more towards the in depth side of thing so this does mean it did not come off as well to those wanting a quick paced game (there are examples of that in this genre as well).

A v1.1 of thise also exists as Daigassou_Band_Brothers_DX_v1.1_JPN_NDS-BAHAMUT and it has since seen a European release as Jam_with_the_Band_EUR_MULTi5_NDS-EXiMiUS.nfo . As the name implies it is a music game and is a sequel to an early release of the DS called Daigasso Band brothers- it features a lot of songs and indeed caused trouble by using a massive save (1 megabyte is about as big as it usually gets and more often than not sits in the low kilobytes...... this was 32 megabytes. This does however allow for extensive hacking potential....
Jun 24
Jun 24