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Apr 13

Convert DS savegames online by Costello at 2:35 PM (1,412 Views / 0 Likes) 0 Comments
Convert DS savegames online

Many formats supported

Our member Shuny has designed an online DS savegame converter which accepts the following formats for both input and output:
  • Action Replay DS (*.dss, *.duc)
  • DS Linker (*.sav)
  • DS-Xtreme (*.sav)
  • EZFlash IV (*.sav)
  • G6 (.0)
  • M3 (*.dat)
  • M3 Simply / R4 (*.sav)
  • Ninjapass (*.sav)
  • Supercard (*.sav)

Great work Shuny!

Check the online converter here

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Apr 13
G6DS Real Information overload!

Exclusive GBAtemp news and photos!

The G6 Team have supplied us with a plethora of information on their new G6DS Real. This new slot 1 cart carrying the infamous G6 logo is set to become the 'be all and end all' in the DS flash kit market. The G6DS Real does not use SD memory cards, instead it comes with a built in 1GB or 2GB of NAND memory and offers a simple drag and drop interface via its USB linker...

[IMG] Click Here to continue reading and for more photos...
Apr 12

First G6 DS Real GUI images by shaunj66 at 7:01 PM (1,624 Views / 0 Likes) 0 Comments
First G6 DS Real GUI images

Courtesy of

The first images of the G6 DS Real GUI have been unveiled. Hit the link below to see five images of the GUI.

[IMG] G6 DS Real GUI images

Thanks to ahtin for the news.
Apr 12

Rominator v3.1 Released by Opium at 4:50 AM (13,365 Views / 0 Likes) 68 Comments
Rominator v3.1 Released

DS ROM organiser

Hankchill has sent word that he has updated his DS ROM organiser Rominator. The update includes some new features such as reader submitted game reviews and full linux support.

Rominator is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. Please select your operating system below.

[IMG] Windows

[IMG] Mac OS X

[IMG] Linux
Apr 11

DS Homebrew competition by Costello at 10:39 PM (1,301 Views / 0 Likes) 0 Comments
DS Homebrew competition


My friends over at told me they are running a DS homebrew coding competition. Although the website is originally in french, the competition is open to anyone and there's even an english version of the rules page.

There will be two sections: NDS games and NDS applications. The winner of the first category will earn a brand new Wii console, and the winner of the applications category will earn a Nintendo DS Lite.

If you're interested, check the rules page

Pay a visit to
Apr 11

New DS Flash kit: DSKey by shaunj66 at 11:13 AM (5,244 Views / 0 Likes) 53 Comments
New DS Flash kit: DSKey

Another N-card alternative

A new DS Flash kit is coming to the market from within Europe. The DSKey, another clone of the N-card style range of DS carts, is coming soon. The DSKey comes with 2GB of onboard storage, 100% compatibility and drag'n'drop functionality. Here's a list of features:
  • [*]Original Size - Insert into DS Slot 1 without any sticking out. [*]Boot from DS slot 1 directly - Do NOT need any passme/flashme. DSKEY can also act like a SuperKey or PassCard if needed. [*]Built-in memory design - Included 2Gbyte NAND flash memory inside, it's the same as USB Disk flash memory, so it's very fast, about 512KByte/sec writing speed. [*]Clear ROM support directly - No patching required, totally supports clean ROMs. Game compatibility up to 100% [*]Multi-games Support - Multi-touch menu to select the games. Games can be added or deleted freely. [*]Easy to use, Plug'n Play - With the DSKEY Writer, DSKEY works like a U-Disk, the only thing you need to do is copy the game into the U-Disk, insert into DS/DSL and play. [*]Micro firmware, easy upgrade - Micro firmware designed, and extended skin which is fully upgradeable. [*]No software required - No software required, just Drag'n Drop files from PC.
Apr 11

DScent (new version) by shaunj66 at 9:53 AM (2,683 Views / 0 Likes) 11 Comments
DScent (new version)

Port of Descent for the DS

Kayven has released a new version of DScent, his port of the PC game Descent to the DS. Here's what's new in this version:
Download DScent

[IMG] Source

Thanks to Verocity for the tip-off.
Apr 11

BeUp 0.3e released by shaunj66 at 9:38 AM (10,355 Views / 0 Likes) 33 Comments
BeUp 0.3e released

MSN messenger for DS

HtheB has released version 0.3e of the popular MSN messenger homebrew, BeUp.
[IMG] Download BeUp 0.3e
[IMG] Home page

Thanks Takaishi for the news.