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Feb 13
Licks Media Player alpha 4

Nearly most popular formats now supported.

Developer Lucas who happened to revive discontinued homebrew project LMP, initially coded by Lick, rolls yet another update to said media player which goes now version Alpha 4. This update brings a bunch of new features:

Lick's Media Player Alpha 4

Lick's Media Player Alpha 4 (DS GBA)
Feb 12

DS Racing Beta v0.1 by zatelli at 10:25 PM (1,027 Views / 0 Likes) 4 Comments
DS Racing Beta v0.1

Developer MIKEGBA has released an early buil dof what should be a good homebrew racing game for the DS.

Graphically speaking the 3D engines looks promising as you can see from the screen captures below:

The said game is currently a early beta stage, ver 0.1, basically what has been done are the 3D engine & sprites and maps temporarily taken GT racer for the GBA.
The game is far from being feature complete, all you can do at present is move the camera around the tracks, so don't hold your breath yet.

[IMG] DS Racing beta v0.1
Feb 12

My life by zatelli at 10:25 PM (752 Views / 0 Likes) 1 Comments
My life

1st Cellular automat project for the DS.

Developer Douddu59 releases a first attempt on a cellular automat for the DS. Douddu59 a says he was inspired from Conway's renowned Cellular automat, back in 1970. For further Information.

  • 08/02/2007: First release public (ver 0.9)

[IMG] My Life ver 0.9
Feb 12

Press your luck by zatelli at 9:34 PM (770 Views / 0 Likes) 5 Comments
Press your luck

Quite similar to Deal or no Deal

Here's another homebrew game from developer Robert Durbin, who also happened to make Deal or no Deal for the DS, called Press your luck, the latter one is multiplayer.
How to play:

[IMG] Press your Luck
Feb 12

Atomix ver 0.95 by zatelli at 9:34 PM (662 Views / 0 Likes) 2 Comments
Atomix ver 0.95

PC puzzle game ported to the DS

Developer GuyDuke has released an update version of Atomix, which happens to be a port of a PC puzzle game of the same name.

You mainly use the style to choose the best suiteable atom for every puzzle, you can also cycle through them using the cross pad. The is enjoyable and entertaining & should keep you busy for a hours.

[IMG] Atomix ver 0.95
Feb 12

GBAtemp Tidbits by Opium at 4:46 AM (1,907 Views / 0 Likes) 22 Comments
GBAtemp Tidbits

EZ-V Expansion pack, Wii modchips, DLDI Tut

The staff here at have been keeping themselves very busy working on a variety of projects for all the readers. We thought we'd share some tidbits on what we have planned for you.

  • First up, GBAtemp will be receiving an EZ-V expansion pack which includes GBA functionality, Rumble and a RAM pack all in one. It will be tested and added to our EZ-Flash V review found here.
  • GBAtemp will continue to review Wii modchips, including the CycloWiz. A lot of people found our Wiinja review and installation videos helpful.
  • A DLDI Tutorial will be up soon to help people understand what DLDI is and how to patch their homebrew games & apps.
  • GBAtemp has a special surprise for you on Valentine's Day.
  • Many more big changes to GBAtemp are around the corner. We can't wait to share them with you!
Feb 12

Dumping of CycloWiz Begun by Opium at 3:49 AM (2,869 Views / 0 Likes) 11 Comments
Dumping of CycloWiz Begun

Sitting at home bored on a rainy Sunday, what would you do? Well one person decided to spend their Sunday taking a shot at dumping the CycloWiz.

The released PDF file includes screenshots that only the technically minded would understand, but it shows a start to dumping the CycloWiz. The author tantalises readers by ending part one with "An from here, you are on your own."

If the CycloWiz were dumped it would pave the way for cheap imitations.

Meanwhile Team Cyclops said they will demonstrate the update feature of the CycloWiz in "the next few days, as there seems there is a demand for it." The team also promises that they are working hard on the D2B chipset problem and there should be an update on the matter very soon.

[IMG] CycloWiz Dumping Part 1 (PDF)

[IMG] Source

[IMG] Official CycloWiz Website
Feb 10

RType Digital Space by Squiffy at 10:25 PM (1,342 Views / 0 Likes) 9 Comments
RType Digital Space

Loutre has released an alpha version of his R-Type based homebrew for DS.