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Jun 08

WiiBrickBlocker by Opium at 3:00 AM (43,323 Views / 0 Likes) 18 Comments

Disable firmware updates on Wii disks

An ISO patcher for the Wii has been released which disables the firmware updates that come packed with the disc. There were a lot of reports of Super Paper Mario bricking PAL Wiis that weren't already up to date due to the NTSC region firmware update that starts when you insert the game. This patcher makes things a lot safer by stopping disc updates from running.

There are no reports on testing the patcher with all Wii games however it appears to work for Super Paper Mario.

Many thanks to the author rockman, and HipN for the heads up! You can download the patcher locally from GBAtemp's download section

[IMG] Download

[IMG] Source
Jun 06
CycloDS Evolution - New info!

Secret feature unveiled, plus menu shots

Team Cyclops have released some new information on their CycloDS evolution product along with some new screenshots. The big announcement, and the "secret feature" they've been holding back is that; the CycloDS evolution will be the first kit on the market to support micro SDHC cards (secure digital high capacity). This new evolution (no link here!) of micro SD card has a new maximum size limit of 32GB (as opposed to the old SD limit of 2GB) and faster transfer rates.
They've also released some photos of the GUI which you'll find inside this topic.

We'll be receiving our sample copies at GBAtemp before next week, so stay tuned for more information!

[IMG] Source
Jun 06

NDSMail 0.56b by shaunj66 at 1:12 PM (1,778 Views / 0 Likes) 9 Comments
NDSMail 0.56b

DS e-mail client

Bronto has released NDSMail 0.56b. What's new? Read on...
[IMG] Download
[IMG] Home page
Jun 06

StellaDS v0.71 released by shaunj66 at 1:08 PM (1,622 Views / 0 Likes) 5 Comments
StellaDS v0.71 released

Atari 2600 emulator by TheChuckster

TheChuckster has released v0.71 of his Atari 2600 emulator for the DS - StellaDS. Here's what he has to say about the new version:
[IMG] Download
[IMG] Home page
Jun 06

R4 Commander V2.0 beta by shaunj66 at 12:51 PM (1,955 Views / 0 Likes) 8 Comments
R4 Commander V2.0 beta

By TrolleyDave

GBAtemp member TrolleyDave has released version 2.0 beta of his R4 Commander software - a tool designed to help manage your R4 ROMs, saves and homebrew.

Here's what's new in v2.0:
Download R4 Commander 2.0 beta from our Downloads Centre.

Don't forget you can subscribe to files in the downloads centre and be informed of new updates by the authors via e-mail!
Jun 06
Supercard DS(ONE) OS 2.0 SP2 released

Out now...

The Supercard team have released OS 2.0 SP2 for their Supercard DS ONE. Here's what's new:
[IMG] Download
Jun 05
Supercard slot2 firmware v1.81

Minor bug fix

The Supercard team have released a fixed version 1.81 of the slot 2 firmware. This fixes the issue where some homebrew was broken in the recently released 1.80.

Download locally from our downloads centre below, just choose your corresponding kit...

[IMG] Download SD version
[IMG] Download CF version
[IMG] Download micro SD / Lite version
[IMG] Download Rumble version
Jun 05

no$gba 2.4b released by shaunj66 at 5:38 PM (4,206 Views / 0 Likes) 7 Comments
no$gba 2.4b released

DS emulator

no$gba 2.4b has been released! This version includes basic Wi-Fi emulation. Read below to find out more!
[IMG] Download
[IMG] Home page

Thanks arctic_flame for the heads up!