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Jul 13

One day left for the quiz by Costello at 10:35 PM (4,887 Views / 0 Likes) 63 Comments
One day left for the quiz

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Just a reminder for those who didn't read last week's news on GBAtemp: the GBAtemp Quiz will be closed tomorrow around midnight GMT.
If you haven't submitted your answers yet, remember to do so tomorrow if you want to get a chance to win one of the two CycloDS Evolution that we're offering as prizes.

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Jul 13
G6 DS Real loader 2.2 Beta released

Out now...

The G6 Team have released version 2.2B of their G6 DS Real loader. The biggest enhancement in this version is the addition of DLDI auto-patching. To use the auto-patching feature, you need to launch homebrew from the "My Card" file browsing menu. DLDI auto-patching seems to be the only major addition as there is no change log for this version.

Download the update locally below.

[IMG] Download
[IMG] Home page

In related news, today (13/07/2007) is the official release date for the G6 DS Real 16Gb (2GB). So, if they haven't already, you can expect stores to be receiving their stock soon.
Jul 12
M3 Game Manager v34b released

Out now...

The M3 Team have updated the M3 Game Manager to v34b. Take a look at the list of changes below to see what's new:
[IMG] Download
[IMG] Home page

Big thanks to Chanser for uploading the file to our download centre.
Jul 12

PuzzleManiak 1.7 released by shaunj66 at 11:50 PM (1,029 Views / 0 Likes) 6 Comments
PuzzleManiak 1.7 released

By Alx06

GBAtemp member Alx06 has yet again updated his awesome homebrew Wi-Fi enabled game collection. New in this version is YET another new game! Slitherlink!
[IMG] Download
[IMG] Home page
Jul 12
Play Zelda Phantom Hourglass on your DS-Xtreme

DS-Xtreme owners have one less reason to be angry

DS-Xtreme owners will be happy to learn that some smart members here at GBAtemp have found a way to play Zelda Phantom Hourglass on their DS-Xtreme. Fortunately, this trick doesn't even involve an unofficial firmware upgrade or downgrade which would void your warranty, as recently read on the DS-Xtreme forums.
This trick was discovered a few days ago and works with several games (Sim City, Zelda, ...) so you might aswell try it out if you own a DS-Xtreme!

Read the guide

Thanks to brutalboy for his detailed explanations.
Jul 11
Nintendo E3 2007 Press Conference

Streaming live today

Just in case you've been living under a rock for the last few months, here's a quick reminder that Nintendo's "down-sized" E3 press conference is being held today (11th July). The conference is going to be streamed live via various websites, see below for more details.

The conference has now ended.

The following websites should have a downloadable copy of the conference available: , GameTrailers , Gamespot
Constant E3 live updates: IGN , Gamespot , Go Nintendo , GameZoneX

If you know of any other websites, let us know. Feel free to discuss the upcoming conference in this thread.

[IMG] Discuss
Jul 10
Xecuter Wiip v2 - Final Design

Open source

Team Xecuter have unveiled the final design for their new open source Wii modchip, the Xecuter WiiP v2. As you can see, it's a 5-point "quick solder" board and the PIC is placed on an external PCB mounted out side the console above the USB ports that connects to the main board via a flat ribbon cable. The PIC can apparently be programmed either via USB, LPT or DVD.

[IMG] Source & Home page
Jul 10

jEnesisDS v0.4 released by shaunj66 at 10:55 AM (5,430 Views / 0 Likes) 39 Comments
jEnesisDS v0.4 released

New Genesis/Mega Drive emulator for DS

Lordus has released a new Genesis/Mega Drive emulator for the Nintendo DS. Apparently compatibility and speed in this version is very impressive, but just like PicoDrive DS, there is no sound emulation yet.
[IMG] Download

[IMG] Source

Thanks to hadrian for the heads up.