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May 08

SnemulDS 0.5b released! by Costello at 3:26 AM (3,826 Views / 0 Likes) 0 Comments
SnemulDS 0.5b released!

By archeide

Great news: archeide updated his SNES emulator for DS again!

Please the original topic for discussion and comments.

[IMG] Download SnemulDS 0.5 beta here!

Help update our SnemulDS compatibility wiki!
May 07

Wiikey News Tidbits by Opium at 1:59 PM (8,527 Views / 0 Likes) 57 Comments
Wiikey News Tidbits

Holographic sticker, website up, DVD9 support

As many of you would have noticed, the Official Wiikey Website was down for an unusually long amount of time. The website is now back up with the problem laid on a hard drive crash.

The Wiikey team have started shipping out official Wiikey chips with a holographic sticker to help distinguish between official chips and clones. The sticker is not stuck to the chip itself but is designed to be attached to the outside of your Wii's case, so you can show off your Wiikey pride if you so wish.

Wiikey owners are also in luck as it seems Emu_Kidid (author of GCOS) is working with the Wiikey team directly for his next version of the popular homebrew program. Dual layer DVD support for GCOS is set to be exclusive to Wiikey owners when the upcoming build is released.

Also Emu_Kidid makes mention that the Wiikey update is indeed on the way and is scheduled to hit soon. The update will allow DVD9 support among other things.

*UPDATE* The Wiikey team have revealed that much talked about update is now finished and is in the testing phases. It is to be released in approximately one week.

[IMG] Source
May 04
Zelda-modded DS Lite up at eBay

It's so beautiful...

Normally, I don't post news about modifications of DS units, but this example begs to be looked at with tears of joy. This individual modded a DS Lite .. yes, Lite .. with a Zelda theme, including a metal shield that lights up when the unit is charging. The best part about this is that you can actually have the chance to own it! It's up for auction at eBay right now, but only for those of us in the United States (sorry). There are many more high-resolution screenshots within the auction. It's a safe bet that the winning bidder will have instant bragging rights. No, I don't know the guy nor am I entitled to any percentage of the winning bid. I'd rather have the unit for myself. [IMG]

[IMG]eBay Auction

UPDATE: I've been informed that the seller will ship to Europe, so if you can afford it, then best wishes to you.
May 03
Lameboy DS v0.1 - GB/GBC emu

Emulator in early stages

Nutki has released an early version of a GB and GBC emulator for the DS, it's pre-patched with DLDI drivers for the R4. You can download it locally below.
Download Lameboy DS v0.1
[IMG] Source
May 03
Panel de Pon DS English translation patch v0.25

by baochan

baochan has released v 0.25 of his English translation patch for DS #1026: Panel de Pon DS (J).
[IMG] Download Panel de Pon DS translation patch v0.25
May 02
Supercard DS(ONE) OS 2.0 SP1 released

Out now...

The Supercard team have released an update to the previously released OS 2.0 for the Supercard DS(ONE). A few errors have now been fixed.
[IMG] Download Supercard DS(ONE) OS 2.0 sp1 (local)
[IMG] Discuss

Thanks to 754boy for the heads up.
May 01

Shoutbox Rules by jumpman17 at 4:48 AM (1,779 Views / 0 Likes) 10 Comments

Shoutbox Rules

Quick reminder

Once again, the shoutbox has the same rules as the forum. One I seem to have the need to point out in particular:

The forum rules can be located here as always.

Any member who posts in the shoutbox breaking this rule will get a raise in their warning level from now on.
Apr 30

FlashMe v8 released by shaunj66 at 7:10 PM (15,829 Views / 0 Likes) 101 Comments
FlashMe v8 released

Yes, really!

olimar has released a new version of the FlashMe firmware replacement. This new version brings a few fixes to the table, and a new variant that stops the auto-booting of slot 2 adapters has also been introduced. Beware if you own a DSLink though, as the MK1/2 booting routines that the DSLink uses to boot have been removed in this version. Here's the changes:
Edit: It seems the page has just been updated with v8a. This minor update allows the recovery code to boot from both slot-1 and slot-2 carts (slot-1 is checked first), and changes the recovery key combo to START+SELECT. Also, the no-autoboot version now boots from slot-2 when SELECT is held (instead of A+B+X+Y).

Download at Home page