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Jun 18
Jun 18
Jun 18
Jun 18
Jun 18
Jun 18
Jun 18
On behalf of the staff, I am happy to announce today the first winner of the GBAtemp T-shirt Design Competition!

There's been some amazing entries from a lot of people. And believe me, we have had lengthy debates in the staff forum & IRC channel as to which designs should be retained. None of the winning entries pleased everyone. In fact, that first winning entry was highly appreciated by most of the staff, but some of them were stronlgy opposed to having it produced. All in all, it's extremely difficult to please everyone, and we expect that some of you will not appreciate that first design. However, like we stated before, there will be at least 5 different t-shirts produced. We'll do our best to please everyone with our overall selection, if that's physically possible.

Without further ado: the first winner is Orc with his amazing 8-bit Famicom-style black shirt design! As promised Orc will be perceiving a share of the benefits on the sales, as well as a free t-shirt sample. Note that the preview photo has watermarking (ORC ORC ORC...) which the final design will not have.

About that, there's something you'll be interested in knowing: the price. There are multiple factors to be considered. First, we have established as a requirement that all t-shirts should be produced from quality material. I have already sent ShopTemp a sample of what I expect in terms of quality. Second, there's the cost of shipping to be considered. And third, other fees such as PayPal and the benefits for designers. We've tried to keep the price as low as possible, keeping in mind that those shirts are primarily intended for the community, and not for profit. As a result of our -once again- lengthy debates we've decided that the price of a shirt, shipping included, should be $12. Moreover if you order the shirt together with some other products such as the SCDSTWO, Dingoo and many more, the price of the shirt will be under $10.

Now this is a first for us. Although the staff was pretty happy about that design, we have no idea how you guys are going to react. Are you liking the shirt? Are you going to buy it at that price? We need answers before we start production. We need to know if we should produce tens, hundreds or thousands. We're counting on you for answering this poll honestly by informing us of your intentions. Of course the poll will not be taken as a definitive answer- there's a big difference between voting in a poll and actually purchasing something.

So here is a summary of the information:
  • T-shirts will be made off solid material, overall quality will be excellent
  • Retail price will be $12 for the shirt alone, but when bundled with other items it'll go down to $10
  • Please vote letting us know what you think about it: will you be buying it?
To vote in the poll simply open this very thread by clicking the "Comment" link below. Thanks in advance for your honesty!
Jun 18

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