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Apr 06
WiiKey Config Disc 1.2 released

Out now...

Version 1.2 of the WiiKey config disc has been released today. Here's what's new:
[IMG] Source and Download
Apr 05
G6 U-Disk Manager 4.7A Released

Increased compatibility

The G6 Team have released a new version of the G6 U-Disk Manager which increases game compatibility with DoFAT mode as well as finally allowing Mario Kart DS to use soft reset.

Thanks to dsrules for the news tip!

[IMG] Download
Apr 05

RomeR 1.0.2 Released by Opium at 3:42 AM (2,837 Views / 0 Likes) 7 Comments
RomeR 1.0.2 Released

Command line support, better trimming

Kyuzumaki has sent word that he has updated his DS ROM editing program RomeR. The application can trim ROMS, edit headers and insert/replace DS icons (especially useful for homebrew games/apps).

This new version adds command line support and updates ROM trimming.

You can grab the update locally from GBAtemp below.

[IMG] Download
Apr 04

no$gba 2.4a released by shaunj66 at 9:04 PM (3,880 Views / 0 Likes) 0 Comments
no$gba 2.4a released

DS emulator

Martin has released version 2.4a of the fantastic no$gba. This new version brings quite a few impressive improvements! Here's what's new:
[IMG] Source and Download
[IMG] Discuss
Apr 04
M3 DS Simply loader 1.04 beta

Out now...

The M3 team have released version 1.04 beta of the M3 DS Simply loader, just a few days after the release of R4 DS loader 1.08 beta. As to be expected, this update contains identical functionality to R4 1.08. Here's what's new:
[IMG] Download M3 DS Simply loader 1.04 beta
[IMG] Home page

Thanks for the news destructobot.
Apr 03
DS-Xtreme 16Gb officially announced

Four times the size, same old price

The DS-X home page has been updated with an official announcement of the 16Gb (that's 2 gigabytes) DS-Xtreme. The new larger model will retail for approx $129.95. No words on whether it will have any other new features but it's doubtful.
Apr 03
Updated Supercard DS ONE in hand at GBAtemp

Revised packaging

We've recieved the new updated Supercard DS ONE package. As you can see, the new updated version comes in a nice gift-type package and includes a small manual and micro SD card reader. We've also gone to the liberty of breaking open one shell to expose the PCB. As you can see in the photos, the PCB is slightly different than the original SC DS ONE. Whether or not the performance will differ over the original is uncertain but the Supercard team do state this on their home page regarding the new version - "And the most important thing is we improve the quality of SuperCard DS ONE, it's more steady than before.". Bad news for early adopters?


[IMG] Discussion and More Photos

Thanks to the kind folk at for supplying us with the samples!

Apr 02
SNEmulDS 0.5 alpha 2 released

DS SNES emulator

Homebrew genius archeide has released SNEmulDS 0.5 alpha 2! Here's what's new:
[IMG] Download SNEmulDS 0.5 alpha 2 (Requires DLDI patching)
[IMG] Download SNEmulDS 0.5 alpha 2 (Pre-patched for R4/M3 DS)
[IMG] SNEmulDS Home page

Also feel free to contribute to our SNEmulDS compatibility wiki here !