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Feb 20

Bge palet Alpha by zatelli at 11:20 PM (663 Views / 0 Likes) 0 Comments
Bge palet Alpha

Most current update

Bge palet, which is a remake of the mini game from "Beyond Good & Evil" goes alpha. The main improvement over the previous release consists of the addition of AI.

[IMG] Bge palet Alpha
Feb 20
Earth Invaders - work in progress

Latest news

Smea's upcoming sidescrolling platformer is shaping up: Since yesterday, Smea has started working on the artificial intelligence, though it is basic, enemies which are now animated can now walk & detect obstructions or holes.

With the lastest build, an alternate aiming method has been introduced, both of which are styls based.

The weapon equipment menu which is Metal Gear Solid inspired is now fully functional.

[IMG] Earth Invaders Demo
Feb 20

Word Wrap v0.04 by zatelli at 10:07 AM (746 Views / 0 Likes) 1 Comments
Word Wrap v0.04

Puzzle game for the DS

Word Wrap is the DS flavor of a popular word jumbling game. Have you got what it takes to unscramble the letters to make as many words as possible in order to reveal the mystery word?


  • Built with latest libnds - touch screen should be better.
  • Single filed the code - word list is now built in. Should run from any directory on your card now.
  • Word generation is a lot faster.
  • Fix for valid words being skipped in certain circumstances during generation."
[IMG] Word Wrap ver 0.04
Feb 20

PanoView DSerial v1.0 by zatelli at 10:07 AM (556 Views / 0 Likes) 0 Comments
PanoView DSerial v1.0

Another picture viewer for the DS

Developer Ashai Rey's latest project is yet another illustration of the tilt sensor's potential. This demo detects the DSerial card with tiltsensor. If you got that then you can hold the DS as a book and move the images around just by tilting your DS.

[IMG] PanoView DSerial v1.0
Feb 20

SNEmulDS 0.4 Alpha Released by Opium at 5:15 AM (5,290 Views / 0 Likes) 51 Comments
SNEmulDS 0.4 Alpha Released

SNES emulator for DS

After a long break between releases SNEmulDS author archeide has updated his emulator to v0.4 Alpha. This version integrates the CPU engine of SnezziDS along with a host of new updates which give the emulator a big jump in speed.

[IMG] Download

[IMG] Homepage
Feb 19
Neo MK5 loader update v1.23a

Out now

The Neo team have recently released an updated loader for their MK5 flash cart. Read only DLDI support, increased ROM compatibility and a few other bug fixes have been added. Here's the full change log:
Download: MK5 loader v1.23a
[IMG] MK5 Homepage
Feb 19
Quake DS - Prerelease version

Quake on your DS

simonjhall has released a prerelease version of Quake DS. Everybody's favourite game is now available in a DS flavour. The game runs at a fast framerate with sound included which is very impressive. However there are still a lot of graphical issues.

Quake DS is off to a brilliant start, it supports DLDI, touchscreen mouselook, and either the shareware or full version of Quake. For downloads and installation instructions visit the homepage below. Thanks to hadrian for the news tip!

[IMG] Quake DS Homepage
Feb 18

RomeR v1.0.1.2 by Opium at 11:45 PM (8,261 Views / 0 Likes) 12 Comments
RomeR v1.0.1.2

Rom editing, icons, trimming

Kyuzumaki has sent word that his tool RomeR has been updated. It is now out of beta bringing it up to version With this tool you can edit ROM info, inject icons, and trim ROMs.

[IMG] Download