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Apr 20

RSS feeds updated by Costello at 7:43 PM (2,650 Views / 0 Likes) 11 Comments
RSS feeds updated

New feature

After yesterday's update (the shoutbox) I've taken care of one of the requests regarding the RSS feeds. You can now follow topics of specific forums by using this feed: RSS-Topics

Without parameters, this will give you a list of the most recent topics, ordered by date of the last post - a bit like the "Latest Discussions" box on the portal. But the best part is that you can as get the list of topics for a specific forum and thus be alerted when a new topic is created, or when a new message is posted in one of this forum's topics.

For example, if you wish to follow your favourite forum which has to be the Testing Area, the URL of the feed is:
The "8" corresponds to the forum ID, in this case the Testing Area's forum id is 8.

You may also want to follow multiple forums:
This will list the topics from the Testing Area and the Off-Topic Chat forums.

For more information about our RSS feeds, click here.

For more information about RSS feeds in general, click here (Wikipedia).
Apr 20
Motocross Challenge goes public

Almost a commercial game...

DHG Games have finished developping their first GBA game, Motocross Challenge.


Unfortunately for them, they weren't able to publish the game and thus they are distributing it for free.

[IMG] Visit the official website here

[IMG] Download Motocross Challenge (~1 mbyte) from the official website.
Apr 19

A shoutbox on the portal by Costello at 7:31 PM (3,375 Views / 0 Likes) 36 Comments
A shoutbox on the portal

For confirmed members

For our confirmed members (the same that have access to the trading forums), I've just finished coding a shoutbox. You can see it on the right, below the "Recommended Sites" box. If you don't like shoutboxes, feel free to disable it by editing your profile. Also keep in mind that with the shoutbox, the same good old forum rules apply: no links to illegal content, no insults, no flaming, etc.
If you have any suggestion, feel free to post a comment.

Go to your profile if you wish to hide the shoutbox from the portal.
Apr 19

Chex Quest 1.1a DS by Squiffy at 5:45 PM (2,129 Views / 0 Likes) 14 Comments
Chex Quest 1.1a DS

Link_of_Hyrule has released a new version of his port of the total conversion for DooM, Chex Quest.

To play this, you need the original Doom DS, which can be downloaded along with Chex DS here:
Apr 18
Ninjapass X9 loader 1.0 released

Out now...

The Ninjapass team have finally released version 1.0 of the Ninjapass X9 loader. Here's what's new:
[IMG] Download Ninjapass X9 loader 1.0

Thanks to bullet007 for the news.
Apr 17

DSLink loader 2.0 released by shaunj66 at 2:02 PM (1,861 Views / 0 Likes) 12 Comments
DSLink loader 2.0 released

Impressive update!

The DS-Link team really are continuing to support their product, today they have released version 2.0 the DSLink loader, which boasts an impressive amount of improvements, updates and new features, the biggest being cheat support.

Enter this thread for the entire change-log.

Well done EDIY Team!

[IMG] Download DSLink loader v2.0
[IMG] Download DSLink software v2.0
[IMG] Discussion and change-log
Apr 17
G6DS Real loader 1.0 released

Rather early than late!

The G6 team have released version 1.0 of their loader, while G6DS Real units still make their way to resellers.

Enter this thread for the official readme.txt also.

[IMG] Download G6DS Real loader 1.0
Apr 16
G6DS Real in-hand at GBAtemp!

We've got it...

We've got them! Our G6DS Real samples have just arrived at GBAtemp HQ! First impressions are good, the build quality seems very good. And there's some nice freebies in the box, though we're not quite sure what the wrist strap is intended for!

Needless to say, testing will soon begin and you can look forward to an extensive and as always, detailed GBAtemp review very soon.

Keep an eye on GBAtemp!


[IMG] Discussion and more photos