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Jul 14

“Inside The Revolution” Video

ACU_Screenshot_LuxembourgRiot.jpg ACU_Artwork_Bastille_HR.jpg

Jul 14

MouseCraft is available now for the PS3, PS4, Vita, Windows, Mac, and Linux.

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Jul 13

I hope none of you are Tekken aback, but it looks like a new entry in the fighting franchise is on the way.

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Jul 13

You might remember Crytek for their various games and franchises, like the original Far Cry and Crysis. You might know them better for their engines and beautiful visuals. What you might not know, however, is that it seems the company is basically on the verge of falling apart.

That's right: We've got a Crysis Alert.

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Jul 11

Sony's having another flash sale on the PS Store for the US, this time with 20+ titles all at $0.99. Most of them are fairly meh, but there are some nice PS One classics that I might grab myself.

Game list

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Jul 08

Looks like a new 3DS update has struck again, and this one looks to be about security fixes. The change log is below, although it's not really much. Introducing Nintendo 3DS version

Some users are reporting that Nintendo DS flash chips are still functional after the update, including the Supercard DSTwo.
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Jul 07

A recent post here on GBAtemp by McHaggis summarized into a news article points that the developer behind Retro City Rampage had made public. To catch up you quickly, Brian Provinciano needs to quickly move a remaining number of Wii RCR units before he can receive a single cent of revenue from Nintendo. The deadline to sell the last few units is fast approaching. He has reached out to the public (Twitter, Facebook, etc) and asked for fans of the game to consider making a purchase. Specifically he has mentioned those who perhaps acquired a copy through less-than legal means. What he said and what he meant where somehow lost along the way.

Since the news article was posted, gamers have been debating how pirates were to blame. Incorrectly assuming that he [Provinciano] was directly calling out pirating as the source of his problems. Well, post about it, discuss it, and Google will propagate it. Thanks to a random search, Provinciano has contacted me directly with some words that he hopes will set the story straight.

In regards to the later-than-expected porting of the Wii version, he has these words to add:

This thread is being made to provide the developer with a means to post his thoughts to our community. It will remain closed, please direct all comments to the original news thread linked below.

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Jul 07

The popular x86 interpreter by Pate has been ported to a variety of devices. Some will remember its early roots as a DS Homebrew. Since then the program has grown in many ways and keeps getting better. The GCW Zero port was recently updated and includes some nice bug fixes. For more information and a download, please see the source link below.

Change Log:
  • Removed the requirement for high-resolution timer kernel support.
  • Fixed screen corruption problems in various games.
  • Fixed Sound Blaster detection in Ishar: Legend of the Fortress.
  • Added separate error message for games using Virtual Memory.

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