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Feb 04
Gateway owners rejoice: an update was just published by the Gateway 3DS team. This is a small update that fixes multi-rom support for users with emunand 9.5.

Seems like N3DS support is around the corner, but emunand support for 9.5+ will not be available on the new console at least initially.

Source: Gateway 3DS official website
Feb 03


Feb 03

SEGA has officially announced Luigi's Machine Arcade, an arcade version of Luigi's Mansion. The game features first-person gameplay, and so far 1 recurring location has been announced, Gloomy Mansion.
It's unsure whether the machine will arrive in Europe or the US, but there are still some hopes and it has yet to be named a Japan exclusive.

EDIT: Of course, Arras has reminded me that the cabinet was spotted some few months back. You can check out that article here:

Feb 02

Monty Oum, the creator of RWBY from Rooster Teeth, was hospitalized on the 30th with a "Dire Condition". At the time, it was not known whether he would recover, however it seems now that he has passed away.

It's definitely a shame to hear about this, especially when he was quite young.


EDIT: Do note that currently Rooster Teeth is experiencing some traffic issues, so the source may take a while to load.

EDIT2: Quote from Rooster Teeth:

Feb 02

Sony Online Entertainment, the developers/publishers that are known for creating the EverQuest games, PlanetSide 1 and 2, Saga of Heroes and other MMOs, has been sold to Columbos Nova, an investment management company.
Current SOE games will not be affected by this sale, and SOE/Daybreak Game Company expects to develop even more IPs, including multi-platform development.

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Feb 02

Raspberry Pi, the very popular credit card sized ARM PC, has been quite successful since it's release 3 years ago. After various models and hardware configurations released, the Raspberry Pi team has announced the next version of the Raspberry Pi, the Raspberry Pi 2. It is now on sale at the same price as the previous B+ models, $35, and features a lot of hardware improvements including a new 900MHz quad core ARM A7 CPU, 1GB of LPDDR2 SDRAM, and offers 100% compatibility with the previous Raspberry Pi, so apps and OS's will run the same as always!

The Raspberry team has also been working with Windows to get Windows 10 running on the Pi 2, and has announced that the Raspberry Pi version of Windows 10 will be free to makers via the Windows Developer Program.

You can purchase the Raspberry Pi 2 from the Raspberry partners, element14 and RS Components.

I, for one, am quite excited about this release, I'm definitely going to pick one up as soon as I get paid Friday. I love my B+ model, and I can't wait to see what kind of software devs can get running on this updated version.

Feb 02

Jan 31


Husband and Wife team, Mark and Mia, began their story 11 years ago over a game of pinball. Since then they have amassed a collection of retro coin-op video games which now partially fill the Neon Retro Arcade. Located in Old Town Pasadena, California, the arcade currently houses over 40 vintage games. The couples aim is to bring back the social bonding experiences a generation of gamers enjoyed during the golden age of arcades. For more information, directions, and a listing of which games are currently exhibited, check the link below.

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