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Aug 27

Good ol' Games, known for providing DRM free old-school and new PC games for those who don't like various types of DRM has announced and launched "DRM-Free" movies! This is an interesting turn of events for Good ol' "Games", as it seems they're trying to expand their DRM-free ideas to all corners of the market.

Some features include...

Aug 27


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Aug 26

According to this UK Nintendo store page, two DLC packs are heading our way in the future, one in November, one in May 2015. They contain two new cups each and also three new characters too. They also expand the characters from Mario games to Link from The Legend of Zelda and also the Villager and Isabelle from the newest installment of Animal Crossing.

These DLC packages aren't free though. They come at a price of £7.00 each.


Dashing, isn't it?

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Aug 26

Aug 25

Full Smash Roster Leaked? by T-hug at 4:16 PM (3,444 Views / 1 Likes) 68 Comments

Check out the following image if you really want to know the final Smash roster:

Full Smash Roster

More videos and screens can be found here.

What do you think of the new editions? Personally I think
WARNING! Spoilers inside!

Aug 25

Took them a while, but looks like they're finally getting the ball rolling. Private beta only at the moment, not quite public. Changelog is below.


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Aug 23

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Aug 22

After much deliberation from all of the judges, we are happy to announce that the winner of the competition is: dedmerath !
Congratulations we hope you enjoy your prize!


Thanks to everyone else that entered, there were some great submissions and you can see them all in the spoiler box below:

Hey Tempers!
To celebrate the European launch of Disgaea 4: A Promise Revisited on the PlayStation Vita next week, we have decided to run a small art competition.

For a chance to win a brand new copy of the game all you have to do is submit an image you have created yourself of your favorite Disgaea character(s).

Please keep it clean and good luck!

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