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Oct 06
Left: no subsurface scattering, Middle: realistic settings, Right: exaggerated settings

Today, Epic Games released a preview of what their next update, Unreal Engine 4.5, and it is definitely a doozy. With over 40 new features and improvements, the new Unreal Engine update is continuing it's advancement with rendering textures and models.

This is...well, definitely interesting news to say the least. It's great to see what the Unreal Engine is really capable of. For more updates, you can check out the Unreal Engine blog in the source below

Oct 05

I think it's definitely been too long since one of these has popped up, but hopefully I'm able to kind of get back into the swing of things... While looking for a suitable topic for discussion, this idea popped up courtesy of another user, and I actually liked the idea of exploring this. Thinking about games and hardware that have been delayed, did they often end up better or worse for us? Is delaying a game a good thing, or a bad thing? And what about games that have been held in development for extremely long periods of time?

Oct 04

I'm pretty sure someone, somewhere said that. Maybe. But hey, I'm rambling! Sicklyboy takes up the challenge of Iron Fisticle, retro themed twin stick shooter from Confused Pelican and Curve Studios available for Windows computers through Steam. Read on as I put the game through its paces and talks about what it has to offer in the latest Official GBAtemp Review!

Oct 03

Last year you might remember Green Man Gaming giving away Civ 4 and another game for free during the Golden Joystick awards when you voted for your favorite games, and this year they're doing it again!

GMG is giving away XCOM: Enemy Unknown keys when you vote on Golden Joystick, and when you set up an account on Playfire and link it to your Steam account.

Oct 02

I have just completed my review of the fast-paced platformer, Magnetic By Nature on the OUYA. Extremely well polished and artistically atmospheric, it prides itself on being a platformer without platforms. Navigate to the full review to find out more.

:arrow: Magnetic By Nature Review
Sep 30

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Sep 24

Sep 23

Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World is a retro inspired point-n-click adventure game available for the PC, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8, and OUYA. I have recently finished up my review of the game on the OUYA console. Check below for a link to that review. Those interested in this game will be happy to know that a free mini-sequel has been released for PC and Mac, see below for a link to that as well.

:arrow: Kaptain Brawe: A Brawe New World Review
:arrow: Cateria Games Homepage
:arrow: Kaptain Brawe: An Unexpected Intermission