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Mar 21

Ubisoft announces Far Cry 4 by Gahars at 5:14 PM (1,063 Views / 2 Likes) 26 Comments


Far Cry 3, despite receiving the dubious moniker of "Skyrim with guns," was quite well received upon its release by critics and audiences alike. Naturally, another installment in the franchise was inevitable.

Well, here we are.

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Mar 20

London, UK — March 20, 2014 — Today, Ubisoft® announced that players who pre-order Trials Fusion™ for Windows PC on Uplay™ and other selected digital retailers will have access to a closed beta, which will begin tomorrow, March 21. Trials Fusion™ will be available on PC on April 24, and pre-orders are available right now.
Whether players choose to race alone, against friends or in a worldwide tournament, the competition is endless. Just one run is never enough.

Trials Fusion™ will be available on the Xbox® 360, Xbox® One and Sony PlayStation 4 entertainment systems on April 16.

For the latest information on Trials Fusion™, please visit:
Mar 20
Welcome back to thaddius’ Console Roast 2014 Edition. For those of you who are not aware this is a poll where you, the GBATemp user, get to vote on what GBATemp thinks is the worst console ever is. For more information check out the Rules section below.


The Fourth Generation of consoles was, to no one’s surprise, a complete and utter defeat for:
The Phillips CD-i! Congratulations Phillips! You will be venerated in the only way GBATemp knows how: useless polls. It’s no wonder with its poor, rushed-into-market quality and its terrible excuse for licensed Nintendo games. Despite some minor intimations to the contrary, the Phillips CD-i was clearly the stand-out this generation and deserved this ‘win’.

Some deranged individuals actually voted for the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis/Megadrive on this one. I’m going to chalk that up to them having never played them, which is an absolute shame. ~90% of pollers knew what was what though and voted for the only console that it made sense to call the ‘worst of the fourth generation’.

If you’d like to know more about how the voting went check out last week’s thread here.


I saw the best handhelds of the Fifth Generation destroyed by madness, starving, hysterical. Another week, another poll. And this week we bring you the very bloated Fifth Generation of Handhelds. Here we have a transition period who’s contributions span a large part of the 90s. We will see Nintendo’s first large video game failure and some new Nintendo competitors, some of whom fared surprisingly well, others who failed just as badly as the Virtual Boy.

A little bit of an explanation though: I’m leaving a lot of things out in this poll. We’re not going to focus too much on the Game Boy Pocket, the Game Boy Light, the Neo Geo Pocket Color, or the WonderSwan Color. For the Game Boys they are either not much of an upgrade or obscure, and the rest already have another iteration of the system in this poll. Normally none of this would stop me, but it's bad enough that we have 7 options already and it would get VERY confusing if we had 10. Bear with me though - I’ve tried to focus on a good concentration of systems. Hopefully people actually read this… I’m sure it will still be controversial.

Anyway, I predict that Nintendo will both win and lose this poll with their two contributions this week, even if there are more deserving candidates. *COUGHTIGERCOUGH*

But before we get into that, let’s recap the rules no one ever reads, shall we?


WARNING! Spoilers inside!

Enough of that crap, time to get started!

This Week's Challengers:

The Tiger R-Zone
I strongly considered removing this one as it doesn't seem that notable in a bloated poll. But reason lost out as I just want to see how this one fares.

Tiger Electronics, known mostly for their one-off LCD handhelds, decided it was time to break out into the wonderful world of carriage based handhelds!

In their infinite wisdom they opted for a headset as the primary console in an effort to capitalize on Nintendo’s new system: the ill fated Virtual Boy. They would go on to release two more major designs, and an ‘organizer’ styled one (I believe), but none of them sold well at all.

The games were of the quality seen in the one-off LCD games of yore which did not bode well for the console. And the headset design was just dumb. I know that no one could predict that Nintendo’s newest hardware would flop so I don’t blame them for trying to copy it, but if the Virtual Boy was bad the R-Zone was worse for copying it. :P

I don't really know what kind of scope Tiger was looking for - if they were deluded enough to think it could even compete with the Game Boy et al - but I have yet to meet anyone who owns one.

The R-Zone quickly faded into obscurity to little complaint.

The Sega Nomad
Sega had already released a product called the Sega Mega Jet that was a portable Genesis/Mega Drive made for use on planes. Sega decided one day to adapt the Mega Jet for a larger market and released it as the Nomad.

The Nomad, just like the Game Gear, was simply a portable version of their current console. This time though it actually played the home consoles cartridges out-of-the-box.

It made a lot of sense: a portable Genesis. Who wouldn't want to play their favourite games on the go?

Sega obviously didn’t learn much else from the Game Gear though because the Nomad was just as bad on batteries (6AA batteries for 3-5 hours of gameplay). And it is said that compatibility was not as good as it also suffered a similar problem to the TurboExpress in that it had some trouble displaying readable text. And it was obviously not so compatible with the 32X and Sega/Mega CD add-ons.

The Nintendo Virtual...
Mar 19

Do we have any PS4 owners in the house that like to stream, but doesn't like the built-in streaming app? Have a youtube channel that you would like to post PS4 footage to? Do you make game reviews and would like to easily record in-game footage? Well, it's about to get a whole lot easier through HDMI. The latest upcoming patch for the PS4 will allow you to record footage from PS4's library of games without having to find a workaround for the HDCP protection that gave PS3 users such a headache.

Among the changes rolling out to the next patch, users will be able to stream at 720p with Twitch and Ustream, and will also have the capability to archive their Twitch streams. Sony has also said they will be releasing "A rich video editor with a simple tool to personalize your video clips", and users will also be able to save screenshots and videos directly to a USB drive using PS4's Share feature. There is also "a lot more coming in this update", but nothing further has been specified.

Looks like things are shaping up for the Playstation 4. I personally think that the current OS for the PS4 is extremely barebones at the moment, and it makes me happy to see further functionality added to the console.

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Mar 19

With Project Morpheus and PlayStation Camera, Games will Immerse Players in Virtual Worlds, Delivering a Sense of Presence in Gaming Never Before Possible


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Mar 18

It's been a while since the Xbox One was released, but it was only made available in a few select countries, much to the dismay of gamers from other regions. Microsoft has announced that this September, the system will make its way to 26 new markets, and these are:
WARNING! Spoilers inside!
What can I say - better late then never. From September onwards, the next generation enters full swing and there will be no more excuses. I'm excited to see what the Xbox One launch figures will be in these new regions. Can the system still catch up to the PlayStation 4? Only time will tell.

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Mar 18

Good Old Games, like the retail equivalent of Eddie McDowd, has made "do good deeds" its personal mission. After promising to compensate users for regional pricing, what could be next on their plate? Well, as it turns out...

:arrow:Good Old Games
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Mar 17


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