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Apr 07

And to think, they just announced Sonic Boom. I have to say, this was... speedy.

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Because if there's one thing the Sonic franchise has suffered from, it's a lack of games. Yup.

So, yeah. If you were worried that Sonic Boom was the sole direction for the franchise, you can take comfort in the fact that Sega will find entirely new ways to disappoint you.
Apr 05

Dreamcast back-ups and homebrew have had a good run on a system that was never too difficult to exploit. The issues always fell on the way in which discs were prepared and the amount of discs required to maintain a relatively healthy collection. All that is about to change thanks to the GDEmu, a project which aims to put the storage in the palm of our hands, quite literally on an SD card. More information such as installation instructions and availability can be found via the link below. The add-on device is currently estimated to sell for 100 Euros.

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Apr 05

There have been many ways to bring homebrew to the Nintendo Game Boy. Some have offered support for aspiring chiptune composers, while others have boasted ROM back-up compatibility. Until now, nothing has paired an ease of use with compatibility, and full SRAM support. The Everdrive GB supports up to 32 GB microSD cards, making it extremely user friendly and easy to set-up. The cart also features SRAM to mSD auto-backup, mappers MBC1, MBC2, MBC3, MBC5, ROMs up to 8 MB in size, game genie cheat codes, and support for both Game Boy and Game Boy color ROMs. The current price of the Flash Kit is $78.00 for just the PCB and $93.00 in a plastic shell. Unfortunately, the first run has already sold out.

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Apr 04

I can imagine that a good majority has played an MMO game at some point in their lives, whether it was World of Warcraft, Guild Wars, Star Wars: Galaxies/The Old Republic, or any title that dealt with virtual economies. And, if you've participated in those games, you've surely seen the gold bots or hacked accounts telling you, the player, to go to their site somewhere in the shadier parts of the internet, and purchase gold to make your character stronger. It definitely felt like a good discussion point today as I had a really lengthy conversation with a few buddies who wanted to try their hand at this illicit trade, but did not really understand its consequences.

Apr 03

After all the collective bitching and crying from the internet, Microsoft has decided to finally bring back the Start Menu to Windows 8.

Apr 01

April Fools, everybody! Yeah, I know - big surprise there! :)

Some of you got bamboozled today, some of you knew straight away, some of you just wanted to believe, but now it's time for these systems to leave... the front page, that is.

I hope you enjoyed the little prank prepared for you, regardless of whether you found it believable or not. April Fools is all about using your imagination, it's all about creating a dream and I figured that if there's a good dream to be had, it's definitely one about the Dreamcast - I mean, that is the system's namesake, is it not? Thanks for all the support during these few fun hours, but now it's time to return to business as usual.

To officially give credit where credit is due, as some of the more keen observers noticed, the videos presented today belong to a fantastic animator and designer onibox, signed SDDIQ in his works. I myself saw one of them last year and I found it both charming and inspiring, perfect for an occasion like April Fools. Seeing that this holiday is all about jokes and parodies, I figured that it would fall into the categories of Fair Use - all credit goes to the original creator. Do watch his other renders - they're all really, really good. His Youtube channel can be found here - have a look, it's great stuff, I'm tellin' ya!

Once again, I hope you all had fun dreaming, now it is time to snap out of it and get back to the usual order of business... that said...

Never Stop Dreaming™ :tpi:

Foxi4 Signing Off!

P.S.: Here's the original joke for anyone who missed it ;)
Mar 30
2.1 "Omega" FW Public Release!

A surprising one-two punch from Gateway! Upon reviewing the comments for 2.0 "Omega" beta, the team has now made a Public release of firmware 2.1 "Omega", as reported by forum user Jojse:
As per usual, a reminder:

Due to DMCA takedown notices GBAtemp is (and has been) no longer able to link to or host files for the Gateway 3DS and other 3DS flashcards. This extends to our sister site as well, Filetrip.

Please do not ask for or share links to these files, whether out in the open forum or via PM. Offenders will be dealt with accordingly.

For more information, please head to this discussion thread.
Mar 28

Where is your GabeN now?

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