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Jul 07

The popular x86 interpreter by Pate has been ported to a variety of devices. Some will remember its early roots as a DS Homebrew. Since then the program has grown in many ways and keeps getting better. The GCW Zero port was recently updated and includes some nice bug fixes. For more information and a download, please see the source link below.

Change Log:
  • Removed the requirement for high-resolution timer kernel support.
  • Fixed screen corruption problems in various games.
  • Fixed Sound Blaster detection in Ishar: Legend of the Fortress.
  • Added separate error message for games using Virtual Memory.

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Jul 07

The ECWolf Engine has been ported to the GCW Zero handheld. ECWolf is an advance source port of Wolfenstein 3D geared towards modding. The current Release Candidate build supports Wolfenstein 3D, all 3 Spear of Destiny games, and Super 3D Noah's Ark. The file download can be found at the source link below.

:arrow: Source
:arrow: ECWolf Homepage
Jul 06

VBlank Entertainment, the developer of Retro City Rampage, has reached out to fans of the game to help achieve the required sales threshold on the Wii Shop before the two year deadline. The game has been generally well received by critics and players alike, and is available on PC/Steam and across all major platforms of the previous generation.

The game is currently 750 units away in the United States and 850 units away in Europe from reaching the dreaded sales threshold for WiiWare titles. If the threshold isn't reached within the first 2 years of publishing, the developer doesn't see a penny. Here's what VBlank Entertainment's Brian Provinciano said about it on Facebook:

The last part of his post is a special appeal to pirates. If you downloaded a .wad instead of buying it, consider putting in a purchase now to help the guy out:

I didn't buy it (nor did I pirate it), but I'm going to take a serious look at it and maybe chip in to help if I can. Apparently, the WiiWare version is the lowest price of the console releases, so it might just be worth a look.

:arrow: Via Facebook

UPDATE 7/7/14
Please see THIS post for a direct response to GBAtemp from RCR developer, Brian Provinciano.
Jul 06

Anyone that knows me knows that I’ve been unfortunately busy with my life to seriously game anymore, but lately I have been feeling that I haven’t been missing much in the gaming world. I feel like gaming that I have known for the past decade is dead, and it's due to a number of factors. Some of the biggest factors that I thought about are innovation, the rise of sequels and ports, and the price hike on the new consoles as they come out. There's more to my theory than what I just mentioned, but I want to keep this portion quick and to the point. So, let's have at it, and get into this idea that I seem to have.

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Jul 05

Xump is a time-based puzzler from the minds behind Sqrxz, Retroguru. The game began development in 2005 by Psilocybin Development. Updated, revamped, and perfected, it has now been ported to the GCW Zero. Please visit the official GCW file repository to download this classic, retro, 16-bit style homebrew.

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Jul 05

Bad Video Game Writing by Ryukouki at 6:42 AM (2,856 Views / 6 Likes) 61 Comments


It really is time for me to start working on that giant queue of stuff that people have asked me to look into and maybe talk about. This means those random article requests that I've buried in the bottom of my brain for some time, or random little errands like piano music requests - yes, Depravo, I haven't forgotten your Final Fantasy cover request for Sleepy City Treno! I intend to actually start on that really soon!

*coughs* Well, anyway. Enough of that. Today's topic was provided for discussion by Hyro-Sama and by golly it's a really interesting piece for me because I played a lot of the type of games that the discussion topic goes into. It's interesting because this topic hits close to home, being an OCD perfectionist who hates these little typos. And with that, today's subject is about poor video game writing, which can boil down to several different factors.

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Jul 04

According to vg247, Electronic Arts has just released demos of FIFA 14 and UFC on the Xbox One store, and they're only $4.99 each... wait, what?

It's currently uncertain if the pricing was a result of a system or human error - EA themselves do not have a conclusive answer. The only thing that is sure is that the games are not free all across the board - searches on the Australian and UK stores both show the demos as paid content.

Then again, if you've played a demo of a sports game, it's almost as if you've played the whole thing... right?

Update: The pricing problem has been confirmed to be an accident and has since been amended.

Jul 03
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