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May 04

Review: Broken Age by T-hug at 6:58 PM (750 Views / 0 Likes) 1 Comments


May 01
Skip to 0:58 to see the demo:

May 01

Microsoft has just published a new dashboard revision for the 360, and I thought MS didn't care anymore...Today, Dash 17349 is available on XBLive.

Changes are like the usual, mandatory for the growth of XBL. Along with it came a couple of new features, mostly:
  • Allowance of 2TB harddrives for games, profiles and savegames etc.
  • Account balance can be seen in the corner.
  • Purchase history
  • Network speed can now be seen when you perform a test.
  • Password reset function at sign in.
As usual, updating is at your own risk!

:arrow: Source: Wii_Cube's thread here
Apr 30

It looks like everyone got tired and afraid of the possible future of any kind of adventure game from now Xbox owned Rare. So the original developers decided to take matters into their own hands.

:arrow: Official Site

Apr 28

40 days after their last release, the Gateway team show us they are still alive and kicking! They are releasing an update that will please both old 3DS and new 3DS owners. Read the change log below:

As always, we cannot provide a direct link to the update file as it is considered illegal.
But you will have no trouble finding the update as it is available on the official Gateway 3DS website.

:arrow: Link to ongoing discussion
:arrow: Source: Gateway Official Website
Apr 26

Last summer P.T. was released as a playable teaser for Silent Hills, Kojima Productions' take on the Silent Hill franchise. The official website now says that the demo will be pulled from the PS Store on Wednesday, April 29.

It looks like it isn't pulled for no reason as Guillermo del Toro, who was said to be involved alongside Hideo Kojima in the production of the game, said during the San Francisco International Film Festival that the game won't happen afterall. Toro's quote: "It's not gonna happen and that breaks my greasy heart." This was also confirmed by his assistent.

If you are yet to play P.T. but don't have a PS4, you can still add it to your download list and download it when you get a PS4. Note that this may require a PS+ membership on certain regions.

UPDATE: Silent Hills is officially cancelled according to Konami's statement to Kotaku.

[IMG] Source: (gematsu, reddit, kotaku)
Apr 25

Duck Hunt PSP v.1.3 Update by Foxi4 at 3:36 PM (901 Views / 3 Likes) 12 Comments

Developer FouadtjuhMaster has updated his homebrew remake of Duck Hunt for the PSP! Originally released by @Scionsamurai, the now-revived game features a new game mode and some other improvements. If you're into PSP homebrew, check it out by following the link below!

:arrow: Duck Hunt PSP v.1.3
Apr 25

User migles gave me a tip about an interesting development on Steam. Valve was always relatively open-minded in terms of game mods - in fact, some of their biggest franchises like Counter Strike and Team Fortress started off as user-created mods. The Steam Workshop was Valve's way of distributing such game mods via their Steam platform and now it also allows mod creators to sell their creations online.

Revenue from selling these modifications is split between Valve, the developers of the original games and the mod developers, the latter getting 25% of the proceeds.

As of right now you can only sell mods for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, but the new distribution platform shows promise to aspiring mod developers and puts the limelight on an activity that used to be relegated to the fringe of the gamingverse.

Update: Valve removed paid mods from the Workshop. Here's a statement from an employee: