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Oct 14

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron was a tremendously disappointing Star Wars/X-Men crossover. If you could somehow overlook that, however, you'd find a pretty popular series focused around the Star Wars' iconic starfighter battles.

Information has come to light that developer Factor 5 was actually working on a Roque Squadron title for the Wii... sort of. It was basically a not-HD HD collection, bundling Rogue Leader and Rebel Strike with 60 FPS gameplay, multiple control schemes, and a lightsaber dueling minigame using the Wii Motion Plus.

Sadly, the game was cancelled, so this footage is as much as we're likely ever going to get. Enjoy it while it lasts.

Anyway, if you have any interest in the footage (and want to see it in a form that doesn't belong in a garbage can like the header pic), follow the link for the full trailer.

Oct 14

Resident Evil has had numerous Media Iterations over the years from Movie Adaptations, Books, and the enormous Game Franchise it's degenerated into today. The Movies have been hit or miss for most people, following the story of Alice, a bio weapon created by umbrella, and sprinkling in it's own little nods to the game franchise with characters like Chris and Claire Redfield, Jill Valentine, and the likes.
However now, the series is getting its own TV show sometime after the final movie comes out in the coming years.

There is no word on what the show will be based on, and if it will take on a plot set by the video games, or if it will be another semi-original story based loosely on the lore.

Oct 13

Oct 12

*Note - OUYA release was 9/30/14

I have just completed my review of Slightly Magic 8-bit Legacy Edition for the OUYA. Slightly Magic is a character driven platformer highly influenced by the mechanics of Codemasters' Dizzy. It is currently available for PC, Mac, Linux, OUYA, Android, and iOS.

I must extend a special thanks to Colin Jones for keeping me in the development loop since the very beginning. Without his help this review would not have been possible.

:arrow: Slightly Magic OUYA Review
Oct 12

Announced at New York Comicon this weekend, NECA has unveiled the new prototype figure for the long requested protagonist of Capcom's Devil May Cry series, Dante.
The figure is rumored to have over 30 points of Articulation, will measure at 7 Inches in height, and include accessories such as his famous Blade The Rebellion, and 2 additional Gun accessories. The figure does not have a speculated price point yet, but judging from previous Video Game figure releases from NECA, he will most likely retail anywhere from $21.99 - $29.99.
Comicon Display Gallery

This is wonderful news for fans of the DMC series, as most Dante Figures have been produced by Play Arts Kai, which while offering them in really high quality, have really high price points!

NECA does a fantastic job with their sculpts, so this will be an awesome figure to look out for in early 2015 this year.

Oct 10

Oct 10

Game Informer had the pleasure to interview Michiteru Okabe, the producer of the upcoming sequel to Resident Evil: Revelations. Their video shows some early gameplay footage and discloses details about what the team is focusing on during the development of the game.

If you were disappointed with the "action-packed" atmosphere of the few recent Resident Evil titles, Revelations 2 might be something worth your attention, as the game seems to be a return to the more traditional cramped, dark and puzzle-oriented past of the series. Okabe mentions that the series is internally treated as a separate IP, giving the team more creative freedom.

The website also promises to release new information on October 10th - we'll definitely keep you posted!

Oct 10

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