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Mar 17


Mar 17
Nintendo is teaming up with DeNA, a Japanese mobile game company, to make games with Nintendo's IPs. They will also launch a cross-platform service compatible with phones, PC and Nintendo's devices. These will be entirely new games developed by DeNA and not ports of Nintendo games.
They also formed a capital alliance. Nintendo bought 10% of DeNA while DeNA bought 1.24% of Nintendo.

Further details at the press conference.

Source: DeNA

Press conference: YouTube

Full English Translation: Link
Mar 16

War is hell, or at least that's what people say. If that's the case, who'd be better to wage it than a squad of profesionally-trained Helldivers? In order to find out if they're cut out for the job I've done my duty as a citizen of our beautiful blue planet, I've enlisted, I've blown up a bunch of alien hives and I survived to tell the tale! Is Helldivers, a twin-stick shooter by Arrowhead Game Studios, worth diving into? Follow the link below and find out while I serve a couple cups of Liberty to some more pesky aliens.

:arrow: Helldivers Review
:arrow: Official Site
Mar 14

After roughly 4 years the team behind the Tales of Vesperia PS3 project today released its first english patch. It comes in two flavours:

1) ISO patch: Users who are capable of running homebrew can use a patch tool that patches the required files from a Vesperia ISO

2) For users who can't run homebrew on their PS3 systems the team has prepared an online translation to follow while playing Vesperia in japanese

The game has been fully translated except skits and costumes from DLC. More information and instructions can be found at the homepage of the project below.

[IMG] Source
Mar 13

Mar 12
Gateway has finally answered the call of its fan base with regards to support over the New Nintendo 3DS, although the solution proves to be a little bit peculiar. The solution, as described by the Gateway team, is as follows:

The solution has been somewhat lukewarm in terms of reception, with users having claimed that not all Ocarina cartridges work. The Gateway team has posted a statement of sorts as well, dedicating time on ironing out the kinks of the exploit as a priority moving forward. Feeling like discussing the new release? Feel free to chat with your fellow members of the community using the link below! Thanks to gunner007 for the tip!

:arrow: Link to ongoing discussion
Mar 11

Today Naughty Dog's Bruce Straley and Neil Druckmann, directors of Uncharted 4 announced the game would release in "Spring 2016". No specific date was given.

You can read the rest of the article at the PS Blog.

Mar 11