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Aug 29
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-Wider 3D viewing angle
-Better screen
-Tiny second analogue stick
-4 Shoulder buttons
-Micro SD support under back cover
-Replaceable shells
-Better battey life
-Built in NFC
-2015 release for the West
Aug 29
You can watch the Direct above (Recorded)

-Xenoblade Character Shulk will be in Smash
-Bravely Second announcement and trailer
-Final Fantasy Explorers gameplay - Cloud Strife costume
-One Piece Battle Royale gameplay
-New Etrian Odyssey - has a '2' in the title - enemies now have 3D models (Poosibly Etrian Odyssey II Untold: The Knight of Fafnir)
-Themes coming to 3DS OS
-Xenoblade Port coming exclusively to new 3DS

Direct END
Aug 29

Danganronpa 2: Goodbye Despair will be released exclusively on the PlayStation Vita on the 2nd September in North America and the 5th of September in Europe.

:arrow:The Review
:arrow:Danganronpa 2 Homepage

Aug 28


Aug 27

Good ol' Games, known for providing DRM free old-school and new PC games for those who don't like various types of DRM has announced and launched "DRM-Free" movies! This is an interesting turn of events for Good ol' "Games", as it seems they're trying to expand their DRM-free ideas to all corners of the market.

Some features include...

Aug 27


[IMG] Download
[IMG] Project Page
[IMG] On-Going Discussion
Aug 26

According to this UK Nintendo store page, two DLC packs are heading our way in the future, one in November, one in May 2015. They contain two new cups each and also three new characters too. They also expand the characters from Mario games to Link from The Legend of Zelda and also the Villager and Isabelle from the newest installment of Animal Crossing.

These DLC packages aren't free though. They come at a price of £7.00 each.


Dashing, isn't it?

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Aug 26