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Jan 29
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Jan 29

Jan 28

Music Unlimited, Sony's music listening app, will be dropped in March and be replaced by Playstation Music partnered with Spotify.

Music Unlimited will cease on March 29th. No date was given for the launch of Playstation Music, but it can be assumed to be before or on that date.

Playstation Music will additionally be partnering with Spotify, a long-running music streaming service, allowing Spotify subscribers to listen to their playlists on supported devices. The service will give access to over 30 million songs as well as 1.5 billion playlists.

Previous Music Unlimited subscribers will receive a month free, from February 28th to the service's end on March 29th.

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Jan 28

Sony published that is going to drop support of the Youtube and Maps apps and also remove some of the functions of the [near] app.
While the maps function was really lackluster, the Youtube app was heavily used for some people and was particularly useful to watch walkthroughs and such. fortunately you can access Youtube through the Browser.
The removal of some functions on the [near] app could render some trophies unobtainable in certain games, although I doubt they would remove the item share function but rather the map that appear when you look for nearby people.

Very unfortunate and alarming as this is the first solid sign of carelessness of Sony towards the Vita. I just hope this is just another case of expiring licenses and nothing more. I myself will be backing up the Youtube app to my laptop just to see if you can bypass his removal that way.

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Jan 27

The Havoc DLC for Call of Duty Advanced Warfare launched today, exclusively on Xbox first. The new DLC offers 4 new multiplayer maps, as well as the anticipated Exo-Zombies mode.

Much like Black Ops's "Call of the Dead" Zombie map, the new Exo-Zombie mode will feature a celebrity cast of likenesses featuring John Malkovich, Bill Paxton, Rose McGowan and Jon Bernthal.

Activision has stated that Sledgehammers version of Zombies will be a unique take on the mode, bringing a fresh spin into the Call of Duty franchise. The DLC will cost $15 on its own, or is bundled with the $50 season pass.

You can watch the DLC Launch Trailer, and Zombies trailer here!

I'll be giving my opinion on the new mode when it finishes downloading :grog:
Jan 27

Dragon's Dogma was a game where you could climb on top of a dragon and spank it silly with the weapon of your choice. It garnered a devoted, if kind of small, fanbase, but Capcom's been mum regarding a potential sequel or followup. I know several people who've been wishing for another entry in the series.

Well, about that wishing... did you ever read "The Monkey's Paw" before?

So depending on your view of MMOs and F2P titles, this is either good news... or very, very bad news. This is also likely a downer for anyone hoping for a proper Dragon's Dogma 2.

For me, at least, keeping the basic gameplay while allowing players to bull ride dragons with three of their friends sounds like a lot of fun. On the other hand, this is F2P with micro-transactions with Capcom at the helm.

Be careful what you wish for.
Jan 25

Jan 23

ATLUS just announced the launch edition of Etrian Dungeon for the 3DS:

There is also a chance to win the Mystery Box (end of the trailer):

Etrian Mystery Dungeon releases April 7th 2015.