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Jan 25

Jan 23

ATLUS just announced the launch edition of Etrian Dungeon for the 3DS:

There is also a chance to win the Mystery Box (end of the trailer):

Etrian Mystery Dungeon releases April 7th 2015.
Jan 23

:arrow:Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth2 Sisters Generation Review
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Jan 22

And the winner is... by Costello at 12:04 AM (639 Views / 12 Likes) 19 Comments


WINNER: ROB BLOU (play entry)
Congratulations! You win a brand new Nintendo New 3DS XL - yes, XL because you're from Canada and that's all you can get over there. Your song is fantastic and the community loves it!

2. farmin (play entry)
3. frogboy (play entry)
4. VashTS (play entry)
5. djavs (play entry)

Well done guys, you all win $50 in cash! Thank you for your entries, we loved to hear them and I personally listen to them all every day, this has been the best music competition on GBAtemp ever! Listen to all the other entries on this thread.
Jan 21

The Windows briefing was a thing today, and it yielded some interesting info about the upcoming integration between Windows and the Xbox platform.

More specifically, some interesting information about gaming!

Spencer went on to show footage of Forza Horizon running on a Surface Pro tablet, integrated in the Xbox One windows 10 app, synced with an Xbox One controller.


Sony has debuted many forms of streaming capability among its own platforms, including their own Playstation Now service for game streaming, and Vita streaming of Playstation 4 titles.

Now Microsoft has taken it a step further, with the possibilities of Windows 10 streaming becoming a two way street, and opening up the option to play your own PC library on your Xbox One console!
Jan 20
Included DLC

Remote Control Claptrap

Jan 20

Jakks Pacific has had an ongoing World of Nintendo line for a few years now, which usually covered the simple Mario toys you see on your store shelves at Target, Walmart, Toys R Us and the like. Last year they announced they would like to take on some more of Nintendo's franchises that aren't simply more Mario figures, and recently some of the pre-orders for these figures have started hitting online retailers.


Jakks Pacific's new World of Nintendo line will include waves of the following figures, beginning in April of this year.

These kinds of figure releases provide new opportunities for Nintendo collectors enthusiasts to collect decent quality Nintendo toys with actual articulation and posing ability.

This will also provide accessible, niche' collection for franchises that have never really had a line of collectibles before, or provide a way to get a nice figure for a franchise you haven't been able to get a figure from before! (that skull kid figure makes you feel a bit better about not missing out on that limited edition Majora's Mask pre-order eh?)

Toywiz, BigBadToystore, and other collectible store sites offer preorders for the first wave of figures coming out. Typical MSRP is about $12.99 - $14.99.

Jan 20