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Jul 02

Hello there, Temps and Temptresses! After our Everdrive GB review in May we kept in touch with Krikzz, the developer behind the wonderful Everdrive line of flash carts for retro consoles. As a result of our co-operation, we're proud to announce GBATemp's Official Everdrive Month - 30 days, 6 systems and 6 Everdrive reviews for your reading pleasure!

It's about time for a delayed update! Sorry to everyone who was waiting for the next review with bated breath - don't worry, the Everdrive Month continues with the next reveal, the Everdrive N8, reviewed by Another World! We hope you'll all enjoy the new content and we apologize for the wait! If you have any additional questions about the products, don't be shy to ask! Be sure to check out the previous review, like, comment and stay tuned for even more Everdrive content coming soon!

:arrow: GBATemp's Official Everdrive Month Review #1: Everdrive GG
:arrow: GBATemp's Official Everdrive Month Review #2: Everdrive N8
Aug 01

Vanguard V is a fast paced 3rd person 3D shooter on rails that is being planned for Virtual Reality headsets. Currently the developers have said that the game will come to Mobile, PS4, Windows, Mac, and Linux. You may be wondering why this game is receiving a mention on our front page, it is due to their highest priced stretch goal, a Nintendo Virtual Boy port. According to a reply from the project leader, not only are they serious about this goal but they already have a working prototype. Sources close to myself have revealed e-mails sent on behalf of the Virtual Boy community asking for a more reasonable stretch goal price. They have cited such things as the VB Sacred Tech Scroll, the Virtual-Environment (VIDE) complete coding environment, and community reproduction efforts as a means to help achieve this request.

The current stretch goal seems unobtainable. While those behind the project are perhaps recognizing the VB as a spiritual successor to modern VR, they do not seem to be taking a VB version of their game seriously. Perhaps the influx of e-mails from the VB community will change their mind. There remains a chance, extremely slight as it were, that a new VB game could be released.

:arrow: Source
Jul 30

Recently, I posted a news article on Crytek gaining a new source of income that "rejuvenated" their funds. Before hand, they kept it quiet on how and where they exactly got this money, but have now recently announced that they sold Homefront and all of it's properties, including the brand new Homefront sequel, to Deep Silver. Deep Silver will now be taking over development on Homefront: Revolution.

Jul 29

EA has just announced they're starting a new service, EA Access, that brings Xbox One users free EA games and discounts on EA-related content, similar to Sony's "PS+" subscription. This "EA Access" costs $4.99 a month, or $29.99 for an entire year.

Not a lot of information about the service has been released so far, so we don't know whether it'll be free for a limited time, or free as long as you're subscribed to the service, but either way this is a fairly...interesting gesture. PS+ is praised for its "free" (read: Rental) game offerings, and it seems EA is dipping their fingers in the pot as well.

Jul 29
Martin Korth released version 2.7c of no$gba yesterday, it features several updates to the emulation but one of the most notable changes is the move of the debugger version to be freeware. You can still donate on the website if you wish to support his work.
For those unaware no$gba is one of the best GBA debugging emulators and probably the best DS one presently available. It has features useful for homebrew developers and ROM hackers alike.
Those interested in the debugger can find out more here.
On the subject of debugging the legendary gbatek specifications have had a fairly big revamp. has them. has screenshots of the debugging mode.

A screenshot of the 3d viewer no$gba has, about the only one of its kind.

Jul 28

Jul 26

A fellow member Bobbyloujo has just released his very first Android video game, Plane Popper, and I had the pleasure of reviewing it! Read the review and try the game out by following the links below!

Jul 25

Crytek has been in the news a lot recently regarding their financial situation. Various members Crytek have left their positions, and Crytek has been bleeding money for a while now after their widely considered failed attempt at making a F2P FPS and their MOBA. However, Crytek recently issued a statement claiming they've received a new, stable income source that will keep them going for a while.

The full statement is as follows:

Unfortunately, they haven't supplied any kind of detailed information regarding where they're getting this income from, so this statement doesn't seem too reassuring.


EDIT: Update - Looks like Crytek has announced where this new income is coming from. Read more here: