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Jan 31


Husband and Wife team, Mark and Mia, began their story 11 years ago over a game of pinball. Since then they have amassed a collection of retro coin-op video games which now partially fill the Neon Retro Arcade. Located in Old Town Pasadena, California, the arcade currently houses over 40 vintage games. The couples aim is to bring back the social bonding experiences a generation of gamers enjoyed during the golden age of arcades. For more information, directions, and a listing of which games are currently exhibited, check the link below.

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Jan 31

Joystiq, the popular gaming blog that's been up for nearly 10 years, has been officially shut down by AOL with their recent "restructuring". Along with Joystiq, AOL is also closing the Apple news site TUAW. Nearly 150 people total are being laid off, a good 20 of them being from Joystiq.

Both Joystiq and TUAW's content are now being folded into Engadget, with Joystiq being a "separate channel".

Jan 30

:arrow: Good Smile Sonic the Hedgehog - Nendoroid Review
Jan 30

Street Fighter II: Hyper Fighting for the Nintendo Virtual Boy has been completed and released. The final game includes Arcade, Survival, Training, and even a 2-player verses mode. The 2-player mode utilizes the yet-to-be-released link cable, which is currently in development, and requires 2 Virtual Boy consoles. 12 characters have made it into the game, including many of our favorites. Special moves, digitized sound, and 3D stereoscopic backgrounds help to complete what is being called one of the best "homebrew" titles to reach the Virtual Boy. The game is currently trading hands between private collectors and due to copyright issues will not see a public release. While there is hope that a ROM may surface, it will be too large to function on the FlashBoy and FlashBoy+. For more information be sure to check out the links below.

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Jan 30

The open beta for Battlefield Hardline begins on February 3rd for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC.

The Gametypes will support up to 64 players on Conquest mode for both Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Hotwire and Heist will support 32.

The 360/PS3 will support up to 24 players on all gametypes.

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Jan 29
Game revealed as Spelunker Z F2P - pay for items.

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Jan 29

Jan 28

Music Unlimited, Sony's music listening app, will be dropped in March and be replaced by Playstation Music partnered with Spotify.

Music Unlimited will cease on March 29th. No date was given for the launch of Playstation Music, but it can be assumed to be before or on that date.

Playstation Music will additionally be partnering with Spotify, a long-running music streaming service, allowing Spotify subscribers to listen to their playlists on supported devices. The service will give access to over 30 million songs as well as 1.5 billion playlists.

Previous Music Unlimited subscribers will receive a month free, from February 28th to the service's end on March 29th.

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