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Apr 16

Ah, the time of cheap mobile games is yet again upon us. This time the selection of six games (and more to come) includes fantastic games including "the pay anything you like" games like R-Type II and beat the average games such as Carcassone. Currently the beat the average price is just a bit shy of $5, which is a steal for the games.


Grab 'em while they're hot!
Apr 16
Everyone, stop what you're doing and drop it like it's uncomfortably warm. It's time to listen up.

:arrow:Call of Duty Youtube Channel

Amazing how just a little d-o-double g can turn even the most turgid of titles into an undisputed masterpiece.

I mean, I'm not going to buy the game or anything, but I support this endeavor 100%. In this enlightened day and age, there's no excuse for why more games haven't gone to the Dogg.
Apr 13
Here comes the next installment of the Civiliation franchise, this time with a whole lot less bongo, bongo, bongo.

:arrow:Civilization Website
Apr 11

Google Glass, Google's answer to wearable technology, is going to go on sale to the public for a single day on April 15th, 2014 in the US only as a part of their "explorer program". For a mere $1,500 you too could become what the internet affectionately calls a "Glasshole"!

Apr 10
Dust off those PS4 controllers because Transistor (A sci-fi themed action RPG by the creators of Bastion, Supergiant Games.) was finally given a release date. One of the titles I've been looking forward to since I first got my PS4. The game will be release May 20th, 2014 at the retail price of $19.99 on Steam and the PSN store.

:arrow: Supergiant Games Website Announcement
:arrow: Reveal Trailer for Transistor
Apr 10

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Apr 09

Apr 09
The next traditional Borderlands game will be a prequel called Borderlands: The Pre-sequel. and as the title says, the game will be played on the Hyperion moonbase.

As the video shows there are new characters to play (CLAPTRAP IS PLAYABLE OMG), new crazy weapons as well as other interesting things like low gravity. everything is coming to last gen consoles and the always current PC MASTER RACE!!!