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Dec 17

Press Release

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Dec 16

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Dec 15

Check out the following announcement for the full Press Release:
DmC Press Release

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Dec 14

Dec 11

Dec 10

Official Press Release

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Dec 10

UPDATE: Click here!

Recently, Dengeki PlayStation listed comments from over 100 developers that asked about the status of their games. The one that most stuck out was NIS own comment which didn't really seem optimistic at all. Here is what Shinkawa Sohei of Nippon Icchi had to say:

They need 150k to net a profit. However, it seems very unlikely with PS4 only having two games reaching that in Japan (Knack, which was bundled and MGS: Ground Zeroes), PS4 being somewhat of a flop in Japan, no Disgaea has ever reached 150k in sales, the fact that the game is exclusive to PS4, and also the fact that it releases the same day as Bloodborne which has a lot of hype behind it. I wish NIS the best of luck.

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Dec 10

Police in Sweden have taken down The Pirate Bay seizing servers, computers and other office equipment, citing violations of copyright law. It seems that their strategy against police raids didn't work as expected!
Update: all mirrors are reportedly down, for a full list check here: *snip*
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