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Jul 26

A fellow member Bobbyloujo has just released his very first Android video game, Plane Popper, and I had the pleasure of reviewing it! Read the review and try the game out by following the links below!

Jul 25

Crytek has been in the news a lot recently regarding their financial situation. Various members Crytek have left their positions, and Crytek has been bleeding money for a while now after their widely considered failed attempt at making a F2P FPS and their MOBA. However, Crytek recently issued a statement claiming they've received a new, stable income source that will keep them going for a while.

The full statement is as follows:

Unfortunately, they haven't supplied any kind of detailed information regarding where they're getting this income from, so this statement doesn't seem too reassuring.

Jul 24

Good Old Games, the DRM-free online game shop, has just announced that they now support Linux builds of various games! To start off, they're launching 50 titles with up to 75% off on Linux-build games. While Linux isn't necessarily built for gaming, it's a nice gesture for those who will be using Steam OS in the future.

Jul 23

Jul 23

VUE Debugger Auction by Another World at 8:40 AM (1,097 Views / 2 Likes) 7 Comments


Over the last few years there have been a handful of VUE (Nintendo Virtual Boy) Debuggers that have come up for sale. This rare piece of software development history has always commanded a high price. Yet, none of these items were as complete as the one which recently surfaced. This newly posted Yahoo Japan auction features the VUE Debugger, a PC interface card, and the official Nintendo Virtual Boy link cable. What is most astounding is that this is the first known public listing of the unreleased Virtual Boy link cable, an item considered the holy grail for Virtual Boy collectors. If you have deep pockets and a love for retro video game history, this is the auction for you.

:arrow: VUE Debugger Auction Link
Jul 22

Earlier this month SCEE announced that Freedom Wars, possibly the biggest Vita release of the year, would arrive as a digital download only in Europe.

Understandably a lot of Vita owners were annoyed by the decision and decided to boycott the game, also taking to Twitter to bombard President of Sony's Worldwide Studios; Shuhei Yoshida with their thoughts and feelings.

Today the Official SCEE Blog has announced that Europe, along with the rest of the world will also receive a full retail release of Freedom Wars:
Jul 22


Character Art

Citizens of Earth has a TBA 2014 release date for 3DS, PC, PS4, VITA & WiiU.

:arrow:Citizens of Earth Home Page
Jul 19
Friendly Reminder: Now that Square Enix has made it clear that they don't want this patch circulating around, please do not ask for the patch in this discussion or anywhere on this forum. We're going to have to treat it the same as asking for a ROM. Thanks.

The long-anticipated translation patch to Final Fantasy: Reishiki (Type-0) was released on June 9th by Sky and his team, much to the rejoice of its Nihongo-challenged fans. And then, the following day, Square Enix announced their own official localization of the game for the PS4 and Xbox One.

The timing of the SE-sanctioned localization announcement seemed almost too coincidental, and drew some raised eyebrows from the underground gaming community. Now, SE has taken a more direct approach:
This could have been handled differently on both sides, but unfortunately it has come to blows and litigation. It looks like this could be the Final Fan-translation.

:arrow: Source
:arrow: Sky's Blog Post
:arrow: UPDATE: New Info Regarding this Story

07/19/2014: Thanks to gamecaptor for the heads-up.
07/21/2014: Thanks to mkdms14 for the update.