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Nov 16

Well, it's time to blast this discussion wide open. GBAtemp's resident 3DS developer, smealum, has been quite busy the past couple of months developing his 3DS exploit called SSSPwn. We've seen the hundreds of discussion threads that have come up in the past, and we've seen where they all have ended up. It's time to put an end to all of this, and it's time to give you guys a taste of 3DS homebrew and what to expect out of it, straight from itself. No more speculation, no more dancing around. There is a lot more information to follow, so hit the "Continue reading" button for the rest of it!

The first post has been updated as of today, November 20th! The game to run the exploit has been revealed,and the mechanism has been revealed! Please see the end of the post for more information!

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Nov 21

While still highly considered a proof-of-concept, PlanetVB forum member Danielps has released source code for a Red Dragon 3DS Virtual Boy emulator. Guy Perfect, the person behind the coveted VB Sacred Tech Scrolls, has shown interest in making a VB EMU for the 3DS as well. Thanks to Smealum's release, we may see an optimized VB emulator on the 3DS one day soon.

:arrow: Red Dragon 3DS Source Code
:arrow: Guy Perfect's ARMulation
:arrow: Source
Nov 21

Enigma is an open-source version of Oxyd, which was an Atari ST puzzle game. Enigma expands upon the original in almost every way possible. Enigma for the GCW Zero has over 600 levels and makes use of the systems G-Sensor. This port also supports the original Oxyd series game data files, adding over 350 more challenging levels.

:download: Download from the GCW Zero file repository
:arrow: More information on this release
Nov 21

:arrow:Official Site
Nov 18

:arrow:The Review
:arrow:Official Site
Nov 17

GCW Zero team member Dan 'senquack' Silsby has released a solid full-speed port of the popular freeware shoot-'em-up rRootage. It is one of the first ports in the official repository to make use of the GCW Zero's GPU. It supports screen-rotation, fully customizable controls, and even adds some new options the original game never had. With 160 individual levels to play across four unique game modes, it is a must-download if you enjoy fast-paced bullet-hell action.


With Wetspot 2, Dmitry Smagin surprises us with another retro game reimplementation for the GCW Zero. The game allows you to control a small crab and your target is to kill monsters in each of the levels. The only way to accomplish this is to push bricks.


Arcade kung fu minigame made in pygame, for PyWeek:

:download: Download these releases from the GCW Zero File Repository
:arrow: rRootage Additional Information
:arrow: WetSpot2 Additional Information
Nov 14
Pictured: Bojangles and the nerd squad

Not willing to let Xbox be the only media box to allow for cable integration of sorts, Sony is stepping in with their newly announced "Playstation Vue". Time Warner, Comcast, and Direct Tv are losing more and more viewers a day thanks to slick online cable free alternatives like the ever popular Netfilx and Hulu Plus. PS Vue will be at almost direct odds with Hulu Plus, beating showtimes by a whole 24 hours before H+ gets new episodes of brand newly aired shows.

In case you are skeptical about enough content to make PlayStation Vue worth it, over 70 networks are ready to launch with the initial service, including Nickelodeon, MTV, Comedy Central, CBS, Discovery, Fox and NBC. However, CBS, ESPN, and AMC have yet to strike deals. And these, by far, are not what Vue is limited to. Now, whether or not there will actually be anything to watch, thats up to you.

PS Vue will have a 3 day cloud viewing window for shows you might have missed, as well as keeping your HDD free of show and movie data.

The Vue will be available in Beta form later this month for owners in the New York area, as well as rumored Chicago and San Francisco. Commercially, PS Vue will be rolled out next year in early 2015. Pricing will be set against existing cable providers, which might come as a little bit of a bummer to us, but the upside is at least interesting. Cable providers generally sign contracts to monopolize geological areas with service, which is why you might only have Comcast around your area, and other only have Time Warner. Vue ousts that out entirely allowing for friendlier ways to get to content. There are no contracts, just a sub fee, no special box (well a ps4 or ps3 I suppose, and in the future, iPad), and no pesky cable company digging up your yard to run a line to your living room set box.

:arrow: Source : Prolygron
Nov 14

Well that was quick! No longer than 3 days after sky3DS and its siblings entered the market, Gateway updates their news on official site and promises 9.0.x support! Are you excited? We at sure are!

We can't post a source (for obvious reasons), but I'm sure you know where to look. ;) This makes a dent in sky3DS's shiny armor - can't wait to see future developments!