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Apr 20

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Apr 17

Apr 15

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Apr 14

With the earlier release announcement of Rock Band, many of us were left mildly excited and a little disappointed in the lack of mention of Nintendo's Wii U console.

It was only a matter of time before Activision would make its move and bring Guitar Hero back, and as of today, in a complete twist, it is coming back... and to the Wii U no less!

Also making its introduction is GHTV, the world's FIRST EVER, playable music network.

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The game will also feature a brand new guitar controller, so it looks like you'll be replacing that ol' wii one you may have had before.
WARNING! Spoilers inside!

The new guitar is designed to garner to multiple levels of playstyle, from close and easy buttons to click for beginners, all the way to the higher, real rockstar layout at the top of the guitar.

And don't worry anyone else that would like to play, the game will also be coming to all last and current gen consoles, as well as mobile devices. (inb4 taptaprevenge comes back.) The release was specifically garnered to mention the Wii U, hence the title.
Apr 13

Apr 13

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Apr 10

Remember that new Dissidia entry announced a while back? Remember how, to the disdain of many, it was announced for arcade cabinets? Well, that's no longer the case now as Square-Enix have shared additional info. This new game will indeed to be making it's way to the PS4. However, expect that release to be at least a year after the game hits arcades in Japan this fall.

Other tidbts included Ramza from Final Fantasy Tactics being added to the roster, future updates to include extra content, and the development being jointly done with Team Ninja.

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Apr 10

Activision just published a teaser that leaves little to the imagination - Black Ops 3 is coming soon. So far very little is known about the game, but according to the teaser, more information should be released on the 26th this month.